Bloo is now on iOS!

Bloo is now on iOS!

📱We're happy to announce that Bloo is now available for iPhone users! 📱

You can do pretty much everything that you can do on the web version of Bloo, including browsing multiple companies and projects, as well as moving todos across boards and even editing todos:

You're also able to filter by date for status updates, all project activity, and even the full company activity, which we hope gives you a great way to see what happened when.

We also have a few cool things that might not be obvious right away, but will be pleasant surprises:

  • Offline support! You can browse through your todo lists even if you don't happen to have internet right at that very moment!
  • File & Video Upload. You are not limited just to uploading photos, you can also upload videos as well as files directly from your phone. And with unlimited storage, that can be quite handy!
  • Multiple photo upload. Also, you can upload multiple photos at the same time!
  • @mentions. Yes, these also work on the iOS app, exactly the same way that they work in the wen application, just type "@" followed by the person you who want to notify.

We will keep updating Bloo on iOS as new features and improvements are shipped, and we hope that you enjoy being able to take your projects in your pocket and not getting stuck in the office! 😎😎😎

Download it on the App Store today.