Case Study: Communify

This is how a marketing agency based in Louisiana uses Bloo to collaborate with their team on client projects.

Case Study: Communify

Bloo's case studies capture insights, best practices, and use cases from different companies across the globe. We recently exchanged some questions and answers with some awesome people from Communify on their experience using Bloo.

Introducing Communify.

Communify is a marketing agency based in Louisiana State, USA, whose mission is all about building a community around the brands they work with. They believe that successful brands are bred out of supportive communities - people who are superfans and understand you through the ups and downs. Building such communities is no simple task, but Communify places their effort on understanding people in those communities and solving a business’s most pressing issues around their needs. This effort has earned them not just awards and affiliations from trusted partners, but also unwavering trust from existing clients.

Communify has helped businesses and organisations grow through their expertise in branding, copywriting, strategy, and design. Some of their clients are Condor Airlines, Reve Realtors, and The National World War 2 Museum in New Orleans.

One Client, One Project.

Communify has been using Bloo for over a year for client projects. They create a project in Bloo for each client, and each project has different board structures according to their contents.

Bloo Boards
Bloo Boards

For Communify, a client’s project can include to-dos for copywriting, design, and web development, and they are all assigned to team members in respective fields. They find it easy to view their tasks by date in Bloo and see who’s been assigned to which task, thus they are always in track of their work progress.

Filter by Due Date or Assignee

Communify had switched to Bloo from Trello just about a year ago, and they not only find that Bloo is much more affordable, but they also get access to unlimited boards and projects.