Case Study: Mäd.

Case Study: Mäd.

This is the story of how Mäd transitioned from Asana to Bloo, and how this helped them save $10,000+ in license fees, as well as create a calmer, more deliberate culture, all while tripling their client base. 😎

Introducing Mäd.

Mäd is a human-centered design lab based across South East Asia that's defining what an agency can do when given the freedom and responsibility to execute. They work as integrated cross-functional teams in their client's businesses, and their team members are empowered with responsibility and liberal decision making, and given the best possible tools, support, and structure to ensure that they can reach success. 🚀

One place, not all over the place.

Mäd decided to move all their operations and projects to Bloo, and they started with their internal processes such as account payables and receivables, office maintenance, general operations, recruitment, and sales CRM.

This meant that the operations team had one single place to find everything they needed, and this reduce internal emails to  zero, and ensured that all discussions are in context, not buried in someone's inbox.  

Hiring the right people at scale while avoiding chaos.  

Mäd have approximately 60-70 candidates in their recruitment pipeline, and this meant creating a process to track each candidate with their relevant documents such as CVs, cover letters, and  design portfolio. Notes from the various interviews, as well as the results from the test briefs would all be files under the candidate's todo, ensuring that the management team have a bird's eye view of all candidates, and can quickly dig into the details as required.

Increasing client happiness via transparent and real-time updates.

Mäd took all their 25+ client accounts to Bloo step by step, and enjoyed an easier time organizing client work, and managed to eliminate a lot of the time consuming and labour intensive reporting practices, as clients can now see the real-time project status at a glance.

Clients are happier when they can have a dedicated platform to see project progress.

Bloo has a dedicated client feature which gives outside third parties an even simpler interface to use Bloo, which means that there is zero onboarding required for clients. Previously, Mäd had to visit clients at their office to onboarding them to other project management software (and sometimes going back to onboard additional team members later on!)

Scaling sales 3x while decreasing request for proposal reply time.

Mäd moved their Sales CRM to Bloo, which allowed them to keep all proposal versions in one place, ensuring that everyone involved in the sales process is able to have their input into the final pitch.

This allowed Mäd to scale sales 3x while significantly improving the reply time to proposals.  All key client information is stored in Bloo, which allows the big picture to be understood.

"We've managed to scale at a surprising pace, and without Bloo we would be spending far more time on work for work's sake, instead of adding value to our client's businesses.

Erika Valera, Senior Partner (Operations).