Case Study: Soundskool.

Case Study: Soundskool.

This is how Soundskool scaled from one to five retail and educational locations, using Bloo as the common thread to tie everything together.

Introducing Soundskool.

Soundskool is on a mission to spread high quality music education and authentic high-quality brand instruments across Asia. Starting as a one-man operating a few years ago, it has quickly grown to become a multi-location school and retail startup that's changing the way things are normally done in their industry. 🎹

Instant Sharing of New Leads.

The Soundskool staff working in the stores is able to instantly update their team at the head office with new leads as customers come into store and ask about specific items. This allows the sales team to quickly react to customer demand and ensure that all customers receive fast service.

All customer interactions and notes are stored in a Bloo project which is used as a Sales CRM. This allow any member of the sales team to seamlessly take over any customer interactions and have all the information the need including previous quotations, requests, and purchases.  

Super Organized Marketing Schedule.

Soundskool also use Bloo to plan their social media calendar to ensure that there is a variety of fresh new content coming out each week. Working with both in-house and third party designers, this gives them one platform to review artwork, share comments, see improvements, and approve the final results.

Launching a new school and retail location.

Reduced Training Overhead

In addition, Soundskool have found that switching to Bloo has drastically reduce the time required to onboard new team members to their system. Having an intuitive, easy-to-use system that just works across everything they do is key to growing fast while staying organized.

“All our retail locations use Bloo to keep track of customer enquiries, and this gives the head office real-time insights. We also use Bloo to manage our marketing calendar and work with third parties such as designers and constructors, which means we have a clear record of what's happened."

Gabriele Faja-Holmes, Chief Executive Officer.