The Secret Master Plan.

How we aim to go from a small nothing to a big something.

The Secret Master Plan.

I love the idea that to build something big and meaningful, you have to start small and insignificant.

It's a little like learning a musical instrument, you can't play the pieces that you want to play right away, and so you have to learn to play scales, small exercises, easy pieces, and then eventually work up to the exicting stuff.

For Bloo, the team here is taking a very similar approach. Trying to launch globally and market everywhere would be rather difficult and extremely expensive, and we would be at a disadvantage compared to other companies that have received millions in funding. We could easily burn our $100,000 funding round in a month of advertising if we wanted to, but that wouldn't be very clever right?

So, we're going to use our small size as an advantage, and offer a level of service that is simply unscalable once you have tens of thousands of customers, but works great when you have just a handful, like the CEO personally calling each and every new customer. Then, as we have more and more customers jump on board, we will look for smart ways to automate and scale that really great user experience.

  • Build software for small businesses to help them work better, together.
  • Use that money to build software for larger businesses that help them work in the same agile way as smaller businesses.
  • Use that money to turn Bloo into the OS for organisations, essentially making it the only system you need to run any type or size of business, from group chat to inventory tracking, to people management and retail PoS.
  • Keep things lean and simple, and continously pass cost-savings to customers, to ensure that our value proposition gets better over time.