View or Comment Only Access.

Our latest update supports 2 more access levels - view only and comment only.

View or Comment Only Access.

As much as we value transparency, we respect that every team has their own way of operating. That being said, there are multiple different access levels in Bloo when people who are added into a project. You might be familiar with adding people as admin, member, and client.

Recently, Bloo added 2 more access levels - View Only and Comment Only.

‘View Only’ Access (like the word says), only gives people the ability to view and inspect details inside a project. They cannot edit, add, or delete anything.

‘Comment Only’ Access allows them to only view and comment. They cannot add new todos or edit descriptions, they can only comment on todos, discussions, or updates.

Access Level in Bloo Project

These two new access levels are meant to establish more flexibility when it comes to managing people inside the project. You also want to make sure important data is not “accidentally deleted” by any chance. 😁 And if you need to change a current user's access level, you can edit directly from People Management settings.