Bloo for Students & Teachers.

Education is important, and this is why Bloo is 100% free for all students and teachers. Simply email us at with your  email address from your school or university, and we will upgrade your account.
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Have one project per class and easily share homework, reading lists, and more. Keep track of everything and everyone, with an easy-to-use interface that you don't have to teach to anyone.


Keep track of your assignments, research, and build great study habits. Add your friends to share materials and make Bloo your secret weapon.

A few things out of the box...

Create unlimited projects to logically separate your work and keeps things private.
Use the board view to create simple and efficient processes in your team.
See what's happening next. Each project has a calendar, and we have cross-project calendars too!
Activity Feed
Keep your eye on what's happening, with a live activity feed that shows you everything.
Ping a colleague by mentioned them in any comment.
Smart Notifications
Choose how, when, and where we notify you. You're in control at all times.
Multi Language Support
Bloo supports multiple languages.
Dark Mode
Working late? No problem, reduce glare and eye strain with dark mode.
Mobile Apps
Enjoy native iOS and Android mobile applications to work on the go.
Custom Fields
Build your own data structure with custom fields. Including currencies, drop-downs, & more!
Reduce your work by automating common actions that happen again and again.
Have form data jump directly into Bloo! Great for field work, tickets, or anything else.

100% Free.
For Real.

Get everything from the paid version:

Unlimited Users
Invite as many team members as you like, without worrying about increasing your Bloo fees.
Unlimited Projects
Create unlimited projects to logically separate your work and keeps things private.
Unlimited File Storage
Put all your most mission critical files on Bloo and enjoy unlimited storage and backups.
All Features
Every single feature is Bloo is available, and we update Bloo each month with new stuff too!
Price Guarantee
If you sign up, you'll be on this price plan for life, even if the price changes in the future.
No Obligations
No contracts, no obligations. Cancel at any time without being locked in.
Email Support
Email us at at any time and we'll reply to your questions asap!
Chat Support
If you need even faster support, speak to our team in just a few clicks with live chat support.
Free Onboarding
If you need some help getting started, our team will onboard and train you free of charge.
How do I get started?
Yes there is! You can use Bloo free for 14 days without any limitations. After the 14 days are up, we will ask you to input your credit card details to carry on using Bloo. If you need a few extra days to decide, just send us an email and we can extend your trial for you!
Do I have to pay more as I add more people or make more projects?
No way! When we say $50/month, we mean $50/month. You can create as many projects as you want, add as many team members (10 or 100, or more!), post as many to-dos, and so on. You'll always just pay a flat fee of $50/month. We really hope that Bloo helps you grow your business and your team, and so as the price stays the same it will become better and better value over time!
Who owns the data I add to Bloo?
The person who initially signed up and pays for the account ("The Company Owner") owns all the data associated with the account. We do not claim any ownership over any data that you add to Bloo. Read more on our  and Privacy pages
Is my data safe?
Yes, all your data is stored on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is a leading cloud provider that powers companies like Spotify and Netflix.
Will you have new features?
Yes, you can check out our Release Notes page to see the various improvements we've made to Bloo over time. We generally update Bloo several times a month with both minor and major feature improvements, usability fixes, and bug fixes.
Do you backup my files?
Yes we do. We backup all data everyday and keep the daily backups for 30 days. This makes sure that if you delete something by accident we're able to restore it for you. Of course, you can always access not-deleted files older than 30 days if you need to.
Can other people see my discussions or files?
No way! Only users that are invited to a project are able to see the contents of that project. Nobody else will even know that it exists.
Where are you guys from?
We're a diverse team from all over the world, with a shared passion to make work better for everyone, everywhere. Our office is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. People often find this surprising that we're building world-class quality software from over here, but it can be done.
Where's the company based?
We're legally registered in Delaware, USA as Bloo, Inc.
I have more questions!
 No problem! Just email us at and we'll answer your questions asap.