Agencies scale with Bloo - Build a consistent process that enhances creativity, get things done as a team, and work better with clients.


Running an agency is hard, Bloo makes it easy. – We built Bloo to solve our own agency headaches, so we know what it takes to build a smooth client-servicing machine that creates consistent high-quality work. Make Bloo your secret weapon in running a high performance agency.

Growing (and managing) a successful agency boils down to having clear consistent processes that enhance creativity, whether you're designing a brand, building a mobile app, or planning your client's next advertising campaign. With Bloo, you can scale your agency by:

  • Keep Work Moving Forward
  • Streamline Internal Process
  • Work Better With Clients

"We didn't give our clients a tutorial on Bloo, but they found their way around and have often said Bloo is easy to use, and they feel they are on top of things when added into a project. Louis du Pisani — CEO, Kreatif Kouki

Keep Work Moving Forward.

You'll always have a clear view of progress and everything that's happened in the project. Create one project for each client and define a clear working process to stay in track and maintain quality standards of work.

Streamline Internal Process.

Managing internal matter is just as important as managing external projects. You want to make sure your back-office operations are well looked after. Dedicate separate projects for invoicing, hiring, office improvements, team expenses and more. Build a system around managing your internal matters so it's more focused and less chaotic.

Work Better With Clients.

As an agency, you want to establish good relationships with your clients so that they come back to use your service when they need. Giving clarity is one of the ways to do that. Your clients need to know the status of the project you're working on, when it will be completed, and when their input is required. And what's a better and more transparent way to do that than adding your clients into Bloo? They'll not only able to see visual progress, they can also comment and give timely feedback. Your clients might even be dazzled by how organized and detail-oriented your agency is.

Hear it from the agencies that use Bloo.

Case Study: Mäd.
This is the story of how Mäd transitioned from Asana to Bloo, and how this helped them save $10,000+ in license fees, as well as create a calmer, more deliberate culture, all while tripling their client base. 😎 The Mäd team at work in their natural habitat.Introducing Mäd. Mäd is a human-centered d…
Case Study: Kreatif Kouki
Having team members and clients spread around the world, Kreatif Kouki needs a tool that allows them to work together collaboratively. In Bloo, they can effectively organize their workflow
Case Study: Communify
This is how a marketing agency based in Louisiana uses Bloo to collaborate with their team on client projects.

Don't Get Stuck At The Office.

Never worry about leaving your files the office, as you access all your sales data
on the road with the Bloo mobile application.