Agencies scale with Bloo - Build a consistent process that enhances creativity, get things done as a team, and work better with clients.


Running an agency is hard, Bloo makes it easy. – We built Bloo to solve our own agency headaches, so we know what it takes to build a smooth client-servicing machine that creates consistent high-quality work. Make Bloo your secret weapon in running a high performance agency.

Agencies scale with Bloo.

Growing (and managing) a successful agency boils down to having clear consistent processes that enhance creativity, whether you're designing a brand, building a mobile app, or planning your client's next advertising campaign.

  • Keep Work Moving Forward
  • Streamline Internal Process
  • Work Better With Clients

"We didn't give our clients a tutorial on Bloo, but they found their way around and have often said Bloo is easy to use, and they feel they are on top of things when added into a project. Louis du Pisani — CEO, Kreatif Kouki

Keep Work Moving Forward.

  • Clearly Defined Process. Create one project per client and define a working process so that you maintain quality standards for your work.
  • See What's Happened. Every project has a full history, so you can always see activities that happened within a project.
  • Never Miss A Step. Make everything a todo, and you'll never lose track of what needs to get done.

Streamline Internal Process.

  • Turbo Charge Your Sales. Build a reliable sales pipeline and grow your customer base. View Bloo’s Sales CRM.
  • Track Your Invoices and Get Paid on Time. Dedicate a project to handling all finance matters and stay on top of payment deadlines.
  • Hiring, Office Improvements, Team Expenses & More! As said, running an agency is hard, but with Bloo, you can build systems around managing your agency and it gets easier.

Work Better With Clients.

  • On The Record. Did you know you can add your clients in Bloo Projects? Share a platform and work better together.
  • One Place for Everything. Clients can comment on todos and give feedback if necessary. No more emailing back and forth; just @mention them.
  • Look (And Be) Organized. Our clean and simple-to-use platform will impress your clients and make it easy for them to see the full progress of a project.

Don't Get Stuck At The Office.

Never worry about leaving your files the office, as you access all your sales data
on the road with the Bloo mobile application.