On time, on budget.

Make every project an outstanding success with Bloo and know who's doing what and when things are due.

Bloo can help you...

Know who's doing what.

Bloo can keep you and your team super organized with todos.

Keep clients in the loop.

As you grow and things get more complex, Bloo can help you scale.

Have one version of the truth.

Add things to Bloo to have a safe backed up place for your files.


Create a project for every client you have.

Each project contains everything you need to get work done. It's like a small version of Bloo, just for that team.

Set up tasks, assign responsibilities and add deadlines.

Set up the project schedule, and divide the work across to-dos and the process board. Remember to add timelines, so everyone knows what's expected.

Keep everything in Bloo.

Tell your team this: It's on Bloo, or it doesn't exist. This is the best way to ensure that things stay sane, and everyone can get the job done.

Everything is included


Each project is like a mini version of Bloo, and is a private place for teams to do the work that matters.


If it’s written down, it gets done. Use tasks to finally take control of the your to-dos lists, and assign responsibilities and timelines to others as you need.


Business processes doesn't have to be boring. Boards blend simplicity into your processes, and they keep work moving forwards.


Good ideas need space. Discussions is your place to write, read, brainstorm, and discuss. It’s where ideas grow.


Letting your team members know what you’ve been up to helps to cut down meetings and makes sure that everybody is on track.

Company Dashboard

This is the best way to organize your work in one place, and move things forwards. Group together people, discussions, and tasks to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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