Remote Work.

Whether you’re working from home or anywhere across the globe, Bloo gives you and your team a tool to keep each other in the loop and get things done.

Remote Work.

With Bloo, you can work collaboratively, anywhere. Whether you’re working from home or on an island somewhere, Bloo gives you and your team a tool to keep each other in the loop and get things done.

We have all the features remote workers LOVE.

When working remotely, your team needs tools that enhance their productivity and teamwork. Bloo has all the necessary features to help them stay on top of priorities, keep work in one place, and collaborate effectively when everyone is halfway across the globe.

Kanban Board.

A Kanban Board view allows everyone in a project to see what needs to get done, by when, and who is accountable. It gives a real sense of progress without you struggling to look for it. Read more:


Keeping each other updated is an important ingredient for remote work. Yet update meetings can sometime drag on for hours without real outcome. A better way to stay updated is by having team members write their updates in Bloo. Everyone can read what their team has been working on, and they can comment or celebrate an accomplishment. All in one tool. No meetings. Read more:

Project Activity.

Trust and transparency go hand in hand when it comes to remote work. Sometimes trust is required for you to be transparent. Other times, when transparency forms trust. Project Activity is a one source of truth for everything; it promotes transparency within teams by keeping a record of everything that happened, by time and day. This is the one place you go to when you want to see what changes are made to the project. Read more:


Work moves forward when you don't have to search or ask for files. Bloo comes with a central hub where your files across the project are collected and contained in one place. So when you need to find files urgently, you can always use our smart search for it. Read more:

Company Calendar.

If you ever wonder what other departments are up to and what plans they have in mind for the next quarter, now you can satisfy your curiosity while you sit comfortable at your home office. Bloo's Company Calendar gives a bird-eyed view of all timelines inside the company. You can easily view every department's activities in one calendar. Read more:

Read features in detail:

Kanban Boards.
Kanban board is one of the core features in Bloo. It captures workflows and team processes, and provides a visual view of project progress. A Kanban Board gives teams clarity of the existing work process and gives managers a bird-eyed view on what’s happening. What Kanban Board Does. * Organizes …
It’s incredible how much time we spend on pointless meetings per week. If we were to free up those hours, we would certainly have more time to do actual work. Updates in Bloo allow your team to do daily or weekly check-in without hosting a meeting; It helps your team stay updated to progress and see…
Everything that happens within a project or company is recorded real-time in Activity. For managers, activity acts as one source of truth, as they can always see what happens on a certain day and time through filtering. What Activity Does. * Keeps all changes on the record by date and time. * All…
When files are kept in one place, your team saves a lot of time from having to search for them. Work feels less chaotic, and you can certainly wrap your head around more important things than locating, sending, or responding to coworkers who are asking for files. How File Management Works. * Unli…
Company Calendar.
When you have a long list of projects in your company, it can be challenging to keep track of their timelines and whereabouts. The company calendar captures all todos with start and end dates in all projects in one central calendar so everyone can see what other teams are up to. What Company Calen…

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