Sales CRM.

Our customers track over $100m in annual sales via Bloo and use our platform to build a reliable sales pipeline, stay organized, collaborate and move deals forwards.

Sales CRM.

Turbo Charge Your Sales – It’s not always easy to stay organized when it comes to tracking leads, but you know it’s an essential part in closing deals. We know just the way to make your sales more effective and ensure you stay on top of your goals.

Sales Teams Love Bloo.

Whether you're selling professional services or distributing a product, Bloo can help you stay on top of it all and grow your sales. Our customers track over $100m in annual sales via Bloo and use our platform to:

  • Build a reliable sales pipeline
  • Stay organized.
  • Collaborate and move deals forwards.

Build a Reliable Sales Pipeline.

  • Clearly Defined Process – Add your existing or refined sales process across multiple columns to get a high-level view.
  • See What's Happened – Each todo has a full audit history, so you can see exactly what happened, when.
  • Never Miss a Step – Use checklists to keep important details in check.

"All our retail locations use Bloo to keep track of customer enquiries, and this gives the head office real-time insights.
Gabriel Holmes — CEO, Soundskool Music

Stay Organized.

  • Categorize Different Deals – Use tags for the different product/services you sell and categorize leads based on them...and then happy filtering!
  • Stay On Top – Drag and drop leads throughout the process and notice bottlenecks as they arise.
  • All Your Proposals in One Place – Never again will you need to search your email for the latest version of a proposal. Everything is in Bloo!

Collaborate & Move Deals Forward.

  • Promote Teamwork – Add your team members to your Sales CRM project, so you can plan and work together.
  • Establish Accountability – See who's assigned to which deal, and easily filter by person, service area, client, and due date.
  • Never Drop The Ball – Be reminded of upcoming deadlines to make sure you're always delivering to expectations.

Track Your Sales On The Go.

Never worry about leaving your files the office, as you access all your sales data
on the road with the Bloo mobile application.