Working with Clients?

Impress your clients with visible progress boards, real-time status updates, and make them feel special by letting them be part of the process.

Working with Clients?

'WOW' Your Clients. Dealing with clients has never been simple. You want to make sure your team and clients are on the same page so the project progresses smoothly. Your clients will feel significantly special once you add them into Bloo and allow them to comment and view visible progress.

Let them be part of the process.

Agencies and company owners appreciate that they build a better relationship and communicate better with clients once they are added into Bloo.

"We didn't give our clients a tutorial on Bloo, but they found their way around and have often said Bloo is easy to use, and they feel they are on top of things when added into a project. Louis du Pisani — CEO, Kreatif Kouki

Impress your clients with visible progress boards.

Don’t wait until they ask, show them. Every progress is updated real-time on Bloo's Kanban Board, your clients can visually see what your team is working on.

Cut down on meetings, but still keep them updated.

Your team and clients can keep each other posted by updating progress status in Bloo. No more meetings, no more emailing back and forth.

Timely comments and feedback.

Timely feedback makes it easier for iteration. Your clients can write their thoughts on certain changes to be made via comments, and you can @mention them to notify them on something.

Stay responsive, wherever you are.

Respond straight from Bloo Mobile Apps.