Everything that happens within a project or company is recorded real-time in Activity. For managers, activity acts as one source of truth, as they can always see what happens on a certain day and time through filtering.  

What Activity Does.

  • Keeps all changes on the record by date and time.
  • Allows you to locate the activity by clicking on it.
  • Acts as one source of truth that can't be deleted.
Project Activity in Bloo.

Bloo's Activity in a nutshell.

There are two types of activities in Bloo. Aside from the difference in data it captures, they both have the same functions.

  • Company Activity. All activities in your company (of all projects) are recorded here. If you have many projects on your plate, this is a perfect place to get a quick glance of all of them.
  • Project Activity. This is unique to each project, and it only shows activities and changes that happen in that specific project.

There's always one source of truth.

Everything that happens in Bloo, stays in Bloo. You don't even have to try hard to find out a project progress because it is always there for you to see.

See activities by dates.

If you need to view a project history on certain dates, filtering does the magic and gives you the exact record.

If you need an in-depth guide on Activity, check out the Bloo Guide we prepared to help make self-onboarding as simple as you'd imagine. 📘
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