Get rid of busywork with Bloo's automations.

When Something Happens.

Decide on a variety of triggers to make something happen automatically. For instance, you can choose to trigger actions when Todos are completed, when a specific person is assigned, or when a Todo is moved into a particular list.

Then Do Something Else.

Once you've chosen your trigger, then simply decide what you want to happen! We've got an incredible variety of options, from automatically setting tags, relative due dates, moving todos, completing checklists, and more! Better yet, you can stack up actions to make lots of different things happen at the same time.

Pause Automations.

If required, you can pause automations while you're doing something specifically and then turn them back on when you're good to go.

Admins Only.

While everyone can see what Automations are active in a project, only Project Admins can actually create, edit, and pause Automations. This helps keep projects organized and sane.

A Few Ideas with Automations.

Move Completed Todos.
When someone completes a todos, move it to your "Done" list.
Automatically Complete Todos.
When someone moves a Todo to your "Done" list, mark the Todo as completed.
Assign for Client Review.
When a Todo is moved into the list "Client Review" assign the Todo to the Clients in your project.
Checklists Completion.
When all checklist items are complete, mark the Todo as complete.
Review Timeframes.
When a todo is moved into the list "Review", set a due date to 7 days from now.
Smart Bug Tracking.
When a new Todo is created into the list "Bugs", automatically tag the Todo as a Bug and assign.