Create instant and easy-to-follow process in your organization with todo boards.

Create Your Board.

Review all the notifications that we send, so you can stay exactly in control of how we reach out to you.

Drag & Drop.

You've got email notification, in-app push notification, desktop push notifications, and mobile notifications via our native iOS and Android Apps. Pick what you need, turn off what you don't.

Filter. Find. Sort.

Don't get disturbed on the weekend. Turn notifications off to stop notifications so you're not disturbed in the slightest. When you're ready to turn them back on, you'll have all your previous notification settings exactly as you left them.

Key Data At A Glance.

Sometimes you need to be in a project...but you don't need to be notified every time something happens. Turn off notifications on a per-project basis to ensure that you don't get overwhelmed.


When someone mentions you specifically by name, we'll notify you according to your @mention settings, even if you've turned off notifications for that particular project. This is to make sure important things don't slip through.
Mark @mentions as read and unread to stay on top.

New Activity. At a Glance.

The projects sidebar will show you numbers that indicate any new things that have happened since you last checked. Click on the number and we'll take you directly to the project activity and highlight everything you haven't yet seen.

Just One View Of Many.

Boards view is just one of the various ways that you can visualize your data in Bloo. Choose between board, calendar, list, map, and file view. Switch instantly between each view, and we save your last view on a per-project basis.