Calendar view is the perfect for keeping an eye on your project plan. Take back control and get a big picture view of all activities.

Single & Multi Project.

View todos across multiple projects in a calendar to check on your teams workload across projects, or zoom in to a particular project, person, or tag.

Switch View. Anytime.

Calendars are available in every project, easily switch between board, calendar, and map views at any time you want. We'll even save your default view on a per-project basis.

Drag. Drop. Stretch.

Drag & Drop to move todos in the calendar and change the date. Simple stretch todos that need more than one day to complete and you'll instantly have a start date and due date.

Visually Filters & Search.

All the filters that you're used to in Board View works seamlessly in Calendar View. Filter by assignee, tag, due date, completion status, and even by todo name.


Don't switch view if you need to create a new todo. You can create new items when inspiration strikes right from the Calendar View.


Hide the weekend days if you don't need them, to better help you visualize the working week.