A Calendar view is perfect for timeline planning. They give you a big picture view of all activities in the project and make it simple to do forecasting or future planning. A calendar view helps your team stay aligned on important deadlines and tasks to be completed.

What Calendar Does.

  • Organizes all todos in a calendar view - with start and end date, so teams are always in track of important deadlines.
  • Gives a big picture view of project timelines - great for future planning and forecasts.
  • Tracks workload by day or week so there's a record of what's on everyone's plate.
Calendar View in Bloo.

Bloo's Calendar in a nutshell.

Beside from it being super easy to use and looking organized, Calendars in Bloo serve just the right purpose - ability to see all activities in a calendar format.

See all activities with timelines.

Your project calendar displays all todos that have start and due dates.

Ability to edit straight from the calendar.

If you are doing timeline planning, it helps tremendously to be able to directly add an activity on a date, drag it across to establish a timeline, edit its descriptions as you go.

Big picture planning just got real!

If it works for your team to plan using a calendar, then Bloo's calendar makes perfect sense! Plan from the end date backwards to what your team has to be do today - also called backward planning; Whether you're defining your yearly goals or organizing an event, nothing can ever go wrong with a calendar view.

Backward Planning using Bloo Calendar.
If you want to get an in-depth guide on Calendar, check out the Bloo Guide we prepared. 📘


  • Social Media Calendar. Keep all your social media content in an editable calendar and schedule ahead.
  • Events Planning. Plan all your event activities and keep them in check for the big day. Check out an article we wrote on planning a virtual event.
  • Team Management. Manage all your one-on-ones, quarterly planning meet-ups, and team retreats, all in one calendar.
  • Schedule Management. If you're helping organize someone's schedule, make your job easier by keeping everything in a calendar.

Calendar in action.

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