Company Calendar.

Company Calendar.

When you have a long list of projects in your company, it can be challenging to keep track of their timelines and whereabouts. The company calendar captures all todos with start and end dates in all projects in one central calendar so everyone can see what other teams are up to.

What Company Calendar Does.

  • Displays all project timelines in the company.
  • Gives managers a big picture view of all activities, making it convenient for planning and forecasting.
  • Creates alignments between different departments in a company.
Company Calendar in Bloo.

Bloo's Company Calendar in a nutshell.

It's one place for all project timelines, where you can easily access to and make changes if needed.

One central calendar for all project timelines.

All todos with start and due dates across all your projects will appear in company calendar. It shows what your month's like in a big picture view.

Cross-departmental transparency just got real!

You can easily see what's happening in the other projects or teams in one timeline. If you need to plan a company-wide activity, you no longer have to do a survey for everyone; their timelines are just on the sidebar. 😉

Bonus: Filter by assignees.

If you need to view a team member's workload, you can filter for them and the calendar will show whatever's on their plate across all projects in the company. This makes task delegation much easier!

Filter by assignee.
If you need an in-depth guide on Company Calendar, check out the Bloo Guide we prepared to help make self-onboarding as simple as you'd imagine. 📘
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