Custom Fields.

Make your projects infinitely custom by adding a variety of fields to suit any need.

Unlimited Variety.

Create fields for any use case that you can imagine. We have drop downs, checkboxes, web links, emails, phone numbers, unique IDs, percentage sliders, geo-locations, currencies, star ratings, and free form text. Create anything.

Intelligent Fields.

We automatically format custom fields based on their type and your choices. Currencies follow internationally recognized formats, phone numbers can be called in one click and automagically detect your location and suggest international codes, web links opened in a new tab in an instant.

Every Change. Logged.

Custom fields give you a granular change log each time something is changed, which means you'll never be left wondering what happened.

Admins Only.

While project members can add and edit information to custom fields, only project administrators can manage the fields themselves. This ensures that your project structure stays in place, regardless of how many team members are in your project.

API Ready.

Our API is on its way. Once it ships, you'll instantly have the power of custom fields available on-the-fly to connect to anywhere. Imagine the possibilities.