Custom Fields.

Custom Fields.

Custom Fields allow you to tailor Bloo's todos to your needs. It gives you the flexibility to customize your todo fields to support mini details like phone numbers or emails.

What Custom Fields Do.

  • Gives you more flexibility in managing your workflow.
  • Allows you to customize todo fields to include mini details like mobile number, email, currency, etc.
  • Fits your collaboration tool to your needs and preference.
Custom Fields in Bloo.

Custom Fields in Action.


  • Record Prospects' Contact Details. Create fields for Mobile number, Email, Address, and Company Name/Address.
  • Record Invoices. Fields for Price (currency) and Contact Details (Mobile, Email, Address).
  • Manage Content Creation Details. Fields for Document Links (URL), Post Channels (Multi-select), and Keywords (Text).
You can find a detailed guide to how to use Custom Fields in Bloo here.
Introducing Custom Fields.
We’re happy to announce the release of Custom Fields. 🎉 It is meant to give you flexibility in managing your todo, so it is most suited to your work requirements.
Todos are at the core of our software. Bloo’s todo gives you space to note necessary details, keep record of all that happens, and platform to collaborate. What Todo Does. * Fulfilling the basics excellently: due dates, description, assignees, and tags. * Keeps a record of all activities withi…