When files are kept in one place, your team saves a lot of time from having to search for them. Work feels less chaotic, and you can certainly wrap your head around more important things than locating, sending, or responding to coworkers who are asking for files.

How File Management Works.

  • Unlimited storage space, same price.
  • Upload up to 5GB per file.
  • Smart search is available at your convenience.
File Management in Bloo.

Bloo's Files in a nutshell.

When all necessary documents are stored in the same tool, you save costs from buying another tool and save your team from a lot of headaches.

All in one place.

With a swift motion - drag and drop - you can upload your files and keep them in one place. Besides that, you will find all documents uploaded in updates, discussions, and comments all in the same place.

All files you uploaded anywhere in the project will be stored in one central place.

Smart search.

Don't want to scroll? Search for files by its name!

Search by file names.

Easy preview.

If a file is an image, you can easily preview it. Otherwise, you can also locate its original upload place or download it.

Previewing Image files.


If you need to download many files at a time, multi-selecting works with the 'Shift' button on your computer, just like how it should be.

Multi-select and download many files in one go.
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