Kanban Boards.

Kanban Boards.

Kanban board is one of the core features in Bloo. It captures workflows and team processes, and provides a visual view of project progress. A Kanban Board gives teams clarity of the existing work process and gives managers a bird-eyed view on what’s happening.

What Kanban Board Does.

  • Organizes team process and workflow.
  • Gives a visual view of project progress.
  • Provides a big picture view for managers - combatting bottlenecks before they arise.
Kanban Board in Bloo.

Bloo's Kanban in a nutshell.

Bloo's Kanban is intuitive, quick, and clean-looking. It only takes a few seconds to add new todos in, and you can drag & drop todos as you move it along the work process.

Organise team workflows in under a minute.

Most commonly used workflow is Ideas, Todo, In Progress, Under Review, Done. You can move todos across boards with a swift drag & drop motion.

Adding Todo Titles to Boards.
If you’re doing sales or recruitment, check out our templates here.

Capture random ideas, quickly.

Capture ideas that come at random moments by quickly adding them as todo in your existing workflow. You can always revisit and improvise it later. It takes less than 5 seconds, really!

Noting to-dos in under 5 seconds.

See a big picture view of everything.

The clean board interface keeps everything in perspective and gives you a visual view of everything that's happening in the project. You'll always see what everyone's tackling on and combat any bottleneck before they arise.

How the project progresses is crystal clear.

Bonus: Easy filter with just one click!

Kanban Boards filters work with just one click. If you need to filter tags or assignees, simply click on it from todo cards & you’re good to go!

Filter by tags with one click!
If you want to get an in-depth guide on the feature, check out the Bloo Guide we prepared. 📘


  • Sales CRM. Define a simple workflow for your team to track potential leads and win deals!
Sales CRM Template
  • Recruitment. Handle recruitment with care and let every applicant a clearly defined process to follow.
Recruitment Template
  • Engineering. Workflow for web development - in our case, software development.
Development Template
  • Invoicing. Track your invoices and get paid on time.
Account Payable Template
  • Company Goals. Write your team goals in a Kanban Board and stay in track of important achievements.
Goals Tracking

From Blog:

Guide to Structuring Workflow on Kanban Board.
This article is a guide to designing your team’s workflow on a Kanban Board. We will go about explaining where the system is derived from and what purpose it serves, to giving you a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

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