If checking tasks off in a structured list works best for you, then list view is definitely the one - It is one of the core features in Bloo, and it gives you an ability to view all your tasks in a to-do-list.

What List Does.

  • Structures all your todos in a list format.
  • Makes it easy to check tasks off in one go, thus it is a great format if your work is done in stages.
  • Filters tasks by tags or assignees with one click.
List View in Bloo.

Bloo's List View in a nutshell.

Bloo's lists are neatly structured and organized, making it super simple to see what needs to get done and cross things off on the go.

Not your typical to-do-list.

It's definitely more advanced! You can click directly on each todo to read the descriptions or edit the details as needed.

Clickable to-do-list.

See todos' approaching deadlines.

Easily sort todos by their due dates so you know what needs to be completed urgently.

Sort by Due Dates.

Bonus: Filter by tags.

Click on the tags to filter the todos associated with them.

Marketing Website tag filtered.
If you need an in-depth guide on Lists, check out the Bloo Guide we prepared to help make self-onboarding as simple as you'd imagine. 📘


  • Store Opening Checklist. A list of all required steps to open a new store.
  • Launch Event Checklist. A list of all things needed for a product launch event.
  • Team Retreat. Keep a list of logistics or items to bring on a retreat.

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