Easily manage who can do what, where. We've got a flexible permissions system that keeps you in control.

The More The Merrier.

Bloo gets better the more people you add, and this is why we offer unlimited users for all accounts. Never worry about the cost as you add team members, clients, and contractors.

Company Directory.

Instantly see and search across everyone in Bloo, as long as you have a project in common. This gives everyone an easy way to find key people.


If you need to get someone's attention directly, just @mention them in any comment and they'll get notified.

Forget Passwords.

We don't allow login via passwords on Bloo, so you can be sure that your users can always login, via a secure link sent to their email.

Client Access.

Give clients just the right amount of access. They can view and comment on your project, but can't create their own.

View & Comment Access.

Give more restricted access to contractors, junior staff, or anyone who just needs to take a look, but not actively participate in your projects.