Keep track of anything and move work forwards.

As Powerful as Your Imagination.

Use todos to track anything. From a literal list of things to get done, all way to tracking inventory, invoices, and documents, the possibilities are endless.

Communicate with Context.

The beautiful thing about todos is that they give you space to communicate while having all the data at hand. You've got a dedicated discussions panel on the right hand side of every todo.

Assign. Set Date. Done!

Create accountability by setting one or more assignees per todo, setting a due date, and watch in amazement how quickly things get done.


Add rich-text descriptions to todos to provide key information, share files, and jot down ideas.

Tag It!

Create tags to easily categorize and filter todos later on. Tags enable you to manage hundreds or thousands of todos with ease.


Sometimes, there's a whole bunch of things that need to get done to get that "one thing" done. This is where checklists come in. Create multiple lists of things to get done. Each checklist item can have its own due date and assignees.


Create fields for any use case that you can imagine. We have drop downs, checkboxes, web links, emails, phone numbers, unique IDs, percentage sliders, geo-locations, currencies, star ratings, and free form text. Create anything.

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