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All growing businesses run into the usual problems. 😬

Long email threads, lots of group chats, and files everywhere. Bloo is an online project management platform that solves just these problems, and gives you one place for everything.

Companies all over the world use Bloo 🤝 – marketing agencies, schools, NGOs, software development consultancies, design studios, freelancers, even some banks to make sure they work better, together.

Oh, did we mention it's only $50/month for unlimited users, projects, file storage, and all features? For larger teams, that's up to 100x more affordable.

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Problems Solved By Bloo. 💪

  • You no longer have to use separate apps. Add Boards, Calendar, lists, todos, tags, assignees, start and due dates, reminders, and files all in the same place
  • You know what everyone is working on. View other people's profiles to see what they are currently working on – without disturbing them!
  • Everyone knows what to do next. Everyone can view both project and individual calendars to see what's coming next, without boring status update meetings.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration. Create cross-functional projects where multiple departments can collaborate to get things done.
  • See The Big Picture. Zoom out and use cross-project calendars to see how all your work comes together.
  • Work Remotely. We have web apps, Mac and Windows Desktop apps, and we're also on iOS and Android.

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How Bloo Works.

Bloo gives you one place for all team communication, files, todos, and processes. You'll be able to instantly see the status of all your projects so you can reach your goals, faster.

Bloo has lots of tools that together have everything you need to run any type of project, whether it's managing your sales across multiple countries, launching a new website, or just checking your team expenses.

Use Bloo For Anything.  😎

Sales CRM.
Our customers track over $100m in annual sales via Bloo and use our platform to build a reliable sales pipeline, stay organized, collaborate and move deals forwards.
Get the best people on board – if done right, hiring can make running a growing business easy. Bloo understands what a great deal it is to find the best team, so our tool is aimed at ensuring quality recruitment standards and being as human as we should be when it comes to hiring.
Project Management.
Project leaders use Bloo to develop processes, improve planning and risk assessment, while maintaining the mental space to help teams stay collaborative in an agile world.
Remote Work.
Whether you’re working from home or anywhere across the globe, Bloo gives you and your team a tool to keep each other in the loop and get things done.
Working With Clients.
Impress your clients with visible progress boards, real-time status updates, and make them feel special by letting them be part of the process.

Don't Just Save Time, Save Money.  🤑

We believe in honest, simple pricing that doesn't increase when you grow your team or business.

We don't charge per user, per project, or extra file storage fees. We don't have separate "pro" or "business" features that you need to pay extra for.

  • Everything Included. All Bloo accounts comes with every single feature in Bloo.
  • Unlimited Users. Add as many users as you need – admins, team members, clients, view only access.
  • All your files and data. We support up to 5GB per file (yes, that's right!) and you can use as much storage as you need.
  • Annual Discount. If you pay upfront for a year, we make it even more affordable. You just pay  $500 and get $100 off the usual price.
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Bloo vs Everything Else 🤠

Unlike other collaboration platforms, we don't charge based on the amount of users you have, or only allow you to use certain features on more expensive versions. This means that as you grow your team, you can rest assured that you pay a fixed amount.

Bloo vs ClickUp.
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Bloo vs Asana.
It’s time you stop the search! Bloo is the best Asana alternative available in the market. Over 10% of our current customer base switched from Asana, and they find Bloo much more affordable and easier to use. It requires little to no onboarding and it saves them big costs as they scale. Scale at n…
Bloo vs Monday.
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Bloo vs Trello.
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Get On the Fast Track.

We know that getting used to a new way of working can sometimes be difficult. That's why we offer each one of our customers a personalized onboarding with a real human being.

We'll take the time to understand your business or team, and help you build simple, scalable process that makes teamwork work, well, better!