How Bloo Works.

Bloo gives you one place for all team communication, files, todos, and processes. You'll be able to instantly see the status of all your projects so you can reach your goals, faster.

Bloo has lots of tools that together have everything you need to run any type of project, whether it's managing your sales across multiple countries, launching a new website, or just checking your team expenses.


This is the best way to organize your work in one place, and move things forwards. Group together people, discussions, and tasks to ensure that everyone is on the same page and only the right people have access.

  • Only people inside a project can see any information.
  • Turn project features on/off as required.
  • Each project has an activity record so you can see what happened

All our retail locations use Bloo to keep track of customer enquiries, and this gives the head office real-time insights. We also use Bloo to manage our marketing calendar and work with third parties such as designers and constructors, which means we have a clear record of what's happened." Gabriele Faja-Holmes — CEO, Soundskool Music


Business processes don't have to be boring. Boards blend simplicity into your processes, and they keep work moving forwards

  • Create an unlimited amount of columns.
  • See assignees, due dates, tags, and number of comments at a glance.
  • Drag & Drop to reorder columns.
  • All changes are updated to everyone else in realtime.


Get a clear picture of what's coming up in a project by seeing all  todos in a calendar.

  • Easily navigate across different months
  • Drag & Drop to change due dates.
  • Filters and search within the calendar!
  • Hide weekends if you only work Monday to Friday :)


If it’s written down, it gets done. Assign responsibilities and timelines to each todo to keep track of the work that's important to you.

  • Sort, filter, and search across all your todo lists.
  • Assign due dates to each todo to stay on track.
  • Assign multiple people to each todo.


Say goodbye to internal emails. Discussions is your place to write, read, brainstorm, and discuss. It’s where ideas grow and decisions gets made.

  • Use @mentions to make sure someone is notified.
  • Automatically receive notifications when someone replies.
  • Add images or files to your messages to add context.

File Uploads & Documents.

Upload files & documents anywhere you can write a message to keep things in context. Bloo support all file types!

  • Unlimited file uploads, and up to 5gb per file!
  • Just drag & drop to upload files.
  • For large files, we'll upload them in the background as you keep using Bloo for your work.
  • All files are automatically backed up for safe keeping.


Letting your team members know what you’ve been up to helps to cut down meetings and makes sure that everybody is on track.

  • Choose between statuses to communicate how you're doing.
  • Filter all statuses by date.
  • See all status updates by a single person.

My Todos.

This gives you a list of all your assigned todos across all your projects in Bloo, which makes it really easy to stay on top of things.

  • Mark todos as done directly from My Todos.
  • Sort by name, project, assignee, due date.
  • Updates in realtime as things change.

Smart Notifications.

Get notified about  what's important to you. Choose which projects you want to follow and which actions should trigger notifications.

  • Email and desktop + mobile push notifications available.
  • @mention anyone to send them a notification.
  • Turn off notifications when you want.

Client Access.

If you work with clients, you can give them an ease-to-use platform to share feedback.

  • Zero training or on-boarding required - they will just "get it".
  • Client see a simpler interface designed for only one project.
  • Everything is separated so all your other projects are private.

& More!

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