Join the Bloo team!

Hey there,

This is Manny, the Founder of Bloo. Thanks for your interest in joining the team.

I suppose you may have a lot of questions regarding the open positions, criteria, etc. No worries, you'll find all the necessary information on this page.

Just to give you a brief introduction to the team: We're a friendly bunch of passionate developers and designers on a mission to change the way teams work, for the better.

We built a project management software called Bloo to bring team collaborations to life. And today, we have a good number of subscribed users to keep us going for the long run. Our team is small but effective. We're operating under some common core values: simplicity, long-term thinking, clarity, deep work, being intentional, and having fun!

Thanks for your interest, without further introduction, please find further information on our advertised positions:

Open positions.

Below are positions we're hiring for, but if you don't fit into any of these, please feel free to drop us an email of interest following the process below on "How to apply". This will let us know who to contact to next time we have an open position.

Software Engineer.

We'd prefer a full-stack engineer with some experience, but don't be limited by the job description. If you feel you've got potential for the role, let us know! We're open-minded individuals, and we love it when you're striving for growth.

  • What you'll do: Contribute in giving ideas, develop new features, and proactively find improvement areas for Bloo. The bottomline? Make Bloo better. 🚀
  • Skills required. Javascript, Typescript, Vue, SQL, and GraphQL (optional, but a plus!)
  • Working hours. We'd prefer 30-40 hours per week (Mon-Fri), but it's really more about the outcome rather than the hours worked. As long as you deliver results, it doesn't matter if you work 4 days a week.

Want to learn more about how we work? Check out some articles below:
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  • Get paid. 😄 Salaries are competitive, and you have an option of attaining shares in the company after one year of working with us.
  • Flex-time policy. It really doesn't matter where you work, as long as you deliver results. Our team works from home about once per week and spends the rest of the time at the office just because we like face-to-face interactions.
  • Modern Office. You'll know it when you see it. 😉 99% of everything is at your convenience, 1% is reserved for the difference in our view towards 'convenience', and the occasional FIFA game that may distract you.
  • Insurance. You get generous insurance benefits from one of the best providers in the region.
  • Equipment. As knowledge workers, laptop is an essential piece. The company will lend you a Macbook Pro 13" and everything else is available upon request.
  • Library. A large array of books, with topics ranging from Business, to Design, to Philosophy... you name it, we add it.  We encourage continuous learning and even have a policy of allowing you to buy books for our library, and expense them on us.
  • Team lunch. We've a nice kitchen on-site, but our team regularly enjoy luncheons across the city, join us! Food is a great bonder after-all...

How to apply.

If you're interested in the position listed above, kindly follow this process:

Send your updated CV to with the subject line "Applying for Software Engineer @Bloo".

Once you've done that, here's what will happen:

  • Step 1: After receiving your CV, our team will review and respond back within 3 days.
  • Step 2: If you pass the first shortlist round, you'll be asked for a meeting.
  • Step 3: Meetings/Interviews are usually quite informal - we just want to get to know you as a person!
  • Step 4: Then comes the test brief. We will give you a take-home assignment and allow you some time to finish it. This is our benchmark for recruitment, we want to value real skills, not just talks.
  • Step 5: After the test brief, we will let you know whether you have an offer or not. And don't worry, we're not the type of HR that ignores you after you're not shortlisted. If we say we'll let you know, we will.
  • Step 6: Last but not least, contract negotiation & signing.

Are you a 'Culture Fit'?

There are three remarkable traits our team has:

  1. We're self-driven, meaning that if we see things that need improvement, we take the initiative to discuss with the team and act on it. This also means we don't depend on motivation - it fluctuates - instead, we focus on being disciplined and doing our best.
  2. We're open to new learning. You'll notice it in our habits of researching about new software or technology that would make Bloo up-to-date, the overfilled books in our office library, and how we don't punish/blame failures. The Lean Startup methodology 'Build-Measure-Learn' is embedded in our way of operating as a team, and this is why we'd appreciate a growth-mindset.
  3. We take commitment seriously. If we say we're going to do something, we do it. If we cannot fulfill a promise, we let the team know. We value the attitude of 'walking the talk', rather than just speaking without any actions.

Great personalities aren't always apparent by a piece of paper, or e-mailed pdf of your CV, which is why our interview process will focus on getting to know your work 'culture'. We want to ensure you fit our working style so that you can get the most out of your role, and also so that you fit in with our great future visions and roadmaps for Bloo!