Each feature in Bloo is designed to be simple, yet powerful. This page gives you an overview of how Bloo works.


Our features are designed to be easy to use and straight-forward, even for first time users.


Behind the simplicity, Bloo is powerful. The entire platform is scalable to thousands of use cases.


Every month, we update Bloo with new features, usability improvements, and enhancements.


Calendar view is perfect for keeping an eye on your project plan. Take back control and get a big picture view of all activities.

  • Cross-project — View due dates across your entire organization.
  • Filterable — Drill down into details by filtering only the data you care about.
  • Visual editor — drag, drop, and stretch todos in the calendar to change the date.
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How you can use Bloo

Project Management

Keep projects such as store openings and marketing initiative on time and on budget.

Sales CRM

Over $100m of sales are tracked in Bloo, and we've been voted the #4 best CRM for SMEs.


Track your new hires, create onboarding and offboarding processes, and share manuals.


Track both your accounts payable and receivable in Bloo, and visually see what's coming in next.

Client Service

Invite your clients in Bloo and provide a true client portal with a high degree of transparency.

File Storage

Store your organizational files in a secure manner, with unlimited file storage.


Forget Google Drive & Dropbox, Bloo has unlimited storage for all your files with daily backups.

  • Truly unlimited — Every project in Bloo offers unlimited file storage, and each file can be up to 5GB.
  • Safe — we automatically backup all your files with 30-day  backups to ensure that there is no possibility of data loss.
  • Preview — instantly see images, steam videos, and review PDFs without leaving Bloo at any time.
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Activity & Audit Trail

See everything that's happening and keep people accountable.

  • Company overview — see a detailed company-wide and cross-project activity feed right from your sidebar.
  • Time machine — instantly filter by date to go back in time and see what happened previously.
  • Auditable — every single todo in Bloo has a detailed and unchangeable audit trail of everything that's happened.
  • Personal — each person also has their own audit trail, so you can see who's been doing what.
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People Management

Easily manage who can do what, where. We've got a flexible permissions system that keeps you in control.

  • No per-user fees —  unlimited users for all accounts. Never worry about cost as you add team members and clients.
  • @mentions — if you need to get someone's attention, just @mention them in any comment and they'll get notified.
  • Multiple access levels — give more restricted access (view or comment only) to contractors, junior staff, or clients.

Bloo also has:

Mobile Apps

Bloo has native iOS and Android apps available that give you access on-the-go.

Dark Mode

Working late? Turn on dark mode to reduce eye strain and keep going.

Choose your color

Choose between various colors for our interface — hot pink, anyone?


We've spoken to thousands of people to create templates based on best-practices.


Get automatic regular updates from key people on your projects.


View data as a list and filter down to find the exact set you need.

Project folders

Move projects into logical groupings to keep things nicely organized.


Once you're done with a project, securely archive it and keep it for-the-record.


Find anything in Bloo instantly with global search.

Import & Export

Get thousands of items in (and out) of Bloo in minutes.

  • Easy import — enjoy our frustration-free guided import experience that ensures that you get the right data in.
  • Project CSV template — each project provides you a custom CSV import template based on your setup.
  • One click export — download a CSV export of a project instantly.
  • Scalable — import up to 100,000 items at a time.
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Take back control of your work by setting notifications the way you want them.

  • Multi-device — we have email, in-app push, and desktop push notifications. Pick what you need, turn off what you don't.
  • Relax on the weekend — Turn notifications 100% off when required and turn them back on when you want.
  • Per-project — you can turn off notifications on a per-project basis to ensure that you don't get overwhelmed.
  • @mentions — when someone mentions you by name, we'll notify you to make sure important things don't slip through.
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Everything you can do in Bloo is available programmatically via our GraphQL API.

  • Query — use third party systems to read all the data that you've got in Bloo.
  • Write — add new data into Bloo from your other apps.
  • Subscribe — automagically stream data to any third-party system the moment something new happens.
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Work Better, Together.

From the small stuff to the big picture, Bloo organizes work so teams are clear on what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.