That's it. 😁

We believe in honest, simple pricing that doesn't increase when you grow your team or business.

We don't charge per user, per project, or extra file storage fees. We don't have separate "pro" or "business" features that you need to pay extra for.

  • Everything Included. All Bloo accounts comes with every single feature in Bloo.
  • Unlimited Users. Add as many users as you need – admins, team members, clients, view only access.
  • All your files and data. We support up to 5GB per file (yes, that's right!) and you can use as much storage as you need.
  • Annual Discount. If you pay upfront for a year, we make it even more affordable. You just pay  $500 and get $100 off the usual price.

Save Money  As You Scale.

Unlike other collaboration platforms, we don't charge based on the amount of users you have, or only allow you to use certain features on more expensive versions. This means that as you grow your team, you can rest assured that you pay a fixed amount.

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