Release Notes

September 2020

  • Unread Mentions Filters. Now if you've got a lot of @mentions during the day, you can filters just by the ones you haven't read to stay on top of things.
  • Project Templates. Whether you're hiring new people, kick starting sales, or planning an event, we've got a template to get you going to record time.

August 2020

  • Automations. Take your productivity to the next level by automating common actions. Create triggers based on actions like assigning people, moving todos, and setting due dates, and automatically take actions.
  • Todo Checklists on iOS & Android. Create checklists, assign people, and set a due date to checklist items right from your Bloo app.

July 2020

  • Grid View. Now the default view on files has switched from a list to a grid, with built in preview of common files, and a handy button to switch back to list view as required!
  • New iOS App. Our iOS has had a new release that add lots of new functionality like archived projects, tags, todo history, and lots and lots of performance improvements. We've also updated the interface to bring it in line with Apple's latest interface guidelines.
  • New Android App. Android has received some love with a new update that add lots of new features, improved offline support, and generally makes using an Android phone a pleasure :)

June 2020

  • Improvements to Web App. We've made significant performance improvements for our web app to cope with the increased usage across our customer base, and we've made the real-time data updates more... real-time!

May 2020

  • Assignee & Due Dates on Checklists. Now, you have the ability to assign an individual checklist item to team members, and also set start and due dates! This is great for more granular project planning.
  • Updated Dashboard Interface. Once you log into Bloo, now you see a more organized and clean-looking dashboard that allows quick access to recent projects right on top, followed by your active companies, and inactive ones.

April 2020

  • Custom Fields. This new feature allows you to customize your todo fields. In addition to adding a due date or assignee to your Todo, you can add specific fields for phone numbers, URLs, emails, currency, and more.
  • @mention Page. This is your go-to place for all @mentions you get from comments, todos, updates, discussions, and across different projects and company.
  • Dark Mode. You can now feel at ease when working at night or in the dark.

March 2020

  • List View. Adding to Boards and Calendar View, this new feature allows you to view your todos in a list format.  And you can check your todos off as you go, like checklists.
  • View/Comment Only. You can now give people access to only view the details of a project or only comment.
  • Change User Access Level. Before, you would have to remove the person and add them back in with the new access level. Now you can directly change their access level in People Management.

February 2020

  • Fullscreen Mode. To limit the amount of distractions presented by the digital noise, you can now view your boards in Fullscreen and go into deep focus.
  • Company Calendar. Before you could only turn on Calendar View for Projects, now you can see all that happens within your company across multiple projects in the Company Calendar. Big picture planning gets simple!
  • Performance Improvements.

January 2020

  • Archive Projects. Long list of projects on your workspace can be overwhelming; our new update gives you option to archive completed or projects you simply want to hide in the time being.
  • Ability to Leave Company. We've added a feature that allows you to remove yourself from a company. But don't forget to say bye!
  • Improved Board UI and Loading. We've removed all shadows from todo cards and created a cleaner view of your workspace. Small changes in drag & drop shadows, loading views, and little touches this and there,  and voila... your new Bloo work station!

December 2019

  • Checklists. Sometimes a todo may come with other small tasks that need to be completed, and you can now add checklists inside to avoid missing small details.
  • Android App. Now Android users can enjoy the same benefits as iOS users. We have a new shiny app that has all the features you need, while giving a fast way to access Bloo while on the go.
  • Assignees’ Faces on Cards. One glance is all it takes to see which members are assigned to a task, unless your members decide not to add their pictures, which is also fine.
  • Click to Filter. Before, you would have to go to filter and click on individual tags or assignees you want to check; Now, you can just click on a tag anywhere from board and the tag will be filtered automatically.
  • Improved Todo Interface. Nothing beats design that embraces simplicity; Bloo’s updated interface makes todos look more organized, and now you can move your todo across different columns through a dropdown option ;)

November 2019

  • File Management. Forget about Dropbox or Google Drive, you can now see all files uploaded in your project, and also store files separately from tasks and comments, as well as download multiple files at the same time.
  • Date Ranges for Todos. Sometimes, todos don't just have a due date, but have a particular timeframe during which they need to be worked on. Now, you can set both start dates and due dates for todosl
  • Copy & Move Todos. If you've ever needed to move or copy todos across projects...well you're in luck, because now you can!

October 2019

  • Tags. If you track related but separate groups of tasks in one project, you'll now be able to color-code them and also filter them out to get a clearer overall picture.
  • Emoji Support! :) Sometimes words are not enough, and that's why you can now search through Emojis to the find the perfect one to express what you want to say!
  • Bigger Maximum File Size. We've now increased the maximum file size to 2GB, which is great for large design files, marketing videos, and more. Uploads are also even faster, and you can drag and drop anywhere on the browser to upload files.
  • Per Project Notification Indicator. You'll now see a number next to each project on the sidebar, indicating how many new things have happened since you last checked.
  • Resources on the Sidebar. We've added useful links to the sidebar to download our apps, learning videos, and more!
  • Sticky Toolbar. For those extra long comments or descriptions, the toolbar now sticks to the top of the screen so you always have the tools at your disposal

September 2019

  • Calendars. Being able to view todos in a calendar format brings about lots of advantages, and it is perfect for things like editorial calendars, social media posting schedules, and more!
  • Todo History. It's key to be able to see the full history of each todo, from when it was created, to which column it was moved to, to any name changes, due date changes, and more.
  • Someone is Writing Indicator. It's annoying when you post a comment and someone immediately posts before or after you, and you cross the discussions and causes confusion. Now you can see if someone is writing at the same time as you are, so you can better judge when you should post.
  • Mark All Todos in Column as Done. You can now mark an entire column on a board as done with two clicks. This is helpful when you've got a long list that's complete and you don't want to mark each item as done one by one.
  • Drag & Drop Sidebar Reordering. Now you can reorder the project list in the sidebar as you wish, and we've also made the sidebar real-time so if you have any new projects they will auto-magically show up there without the need for a page reload. :)
  • Discussion List Improvements. We've made the discussion list much easier to navigate, especially if you have a large number of long discussions!

August 2019

  • Beta Testing Website! You can now visit and login with your usual details to access all the upcoming features and give them a try!
  • Per-Action Notification Settings. Choose which actions should give you notifications, so you can roll your own completed customizable notifications preferences.
  • Someone is Writing Indicator. It's annoying when you post a comment and someone immediately posts before or after you, and you cross the discussions and causes confusion. Now you can see if someone is writing at the same time as you are, so you can better judge when you should post.
  • Search Inside Comments. We've upgrade our already-powerful search engine to have the ability to search within any comments made on any todo, discussions, or update!
  • Leave a Project. Yeah...we didn't have this before and you had to ask others to kick you out of a project. Now we do, and you can leave by yourself if you need!

July 2019

  • Per-Project Notifications. Choose which projects should give you notifications, and which projects should stay quiet, so you can focus on what's important to you.
  • Billing. We've got secure payments built right inside our app, as we like to get paid, you know ;)
  • Upgraded Design. We've upgraded Bloo to the latest Material Design 2 guidelines.
  • Speed Boost. Bloo was already quite fast, but we've made it over 50% faster!
  • Drag & Drop Projects. You're now able to reorder the projects in your sidebar to put the projects that are most important to you at the top of the list

June 2019

  • My Todos. Keeping track of your responsibilities just got a whole lot easier! We now collect all your assigned todos across all your projects in one, so you can easily see what's on your plate.
  • Real-Time Search. Now you can search through all your todo, discussions, files, and updates from the top navigation bar. You'll never need to worry about where something was stored ever again.
  • Auto Saving Drafts. Every message you write on our web or desktop applications now automatically save as you type, even if you close Bloo and reopen it later. This ensures that you never lose anything mid-sentence!
  • Gallery for Photos. Now when you click on a photo on a comment, you'll be presented the photo in a gallery view and you can browse through all the other photos in that todo or message.
  • Offline Mode for iOS. You can now use Bloo on iOS while offline, and still see all your important data that you've previously looked at. That's great for long haul flights, or whenever the internet is not behaving itself ;)

May 2019

  • Email Notifications for @mentions. When someone mentions you in a todo or comments, it normally means that it's quite important. Now we will email you to tell you to check out what was said.
  • Play Videos in Bloo. Now when you upload a video file in Bloo, we'll automatically turn that into a player so everyone can view the video without needing to download the file!
  • Emails to AWS SES. We're now sending emails from AWS SES, which means they are less likely to end up in your spam, and you should also see emails being delivered immediately.
  • Upload Files & Multiple Photos on iOS. We've built on top of the photo upload feature to add the ability to upload any file via iOS and also to select multiple photos and upload them all at the same time.
  • Drag and Drop Columns on iOS. Now you can move board columns around on iOS. Simply long press on a column and it will pop out, and you can drag and drop to reorder your processes or todo lists.

April 2019

  • Company Management. Team management across the entire company, as well as the ability to upload your company logo and change company.
  • Multi-Language. Giving the ability for people to have Bloo in their own native language! Khmer & Vietnamese are the first on the list.
  • Increased Maximum File Size. We've just increased the maximum allowed file size from 100mb to 500mb. Feel free to uploads those large schematics, videos, photo collections, and anything else you want.
  • Upload Videos on iOS. You can now post videos into any discussions, comment, or todo directly via the iOS app.
  • Date Filters for Activity. We've added the ability to filter both the project and global activity by date, which is great if you want to know what happened at a particular point in time in a project.

March 2019

  • Pending Invitation Management. When you invite lots of new people to a project, it can be difficult to remember who's been invited when, and sometimes people lose the invitations. Now you easily manage any invitations that have been sent, including extending the invitation as well as cancelling it.
  • Icons for Most Common File Types. Bloo comes with unlimited storage, so it's great to add all your different file types!  We now have custom icons for over 40 of the most common file types, so your files will look ever better once they're on Bloo!
  • iOS App Released! Now our iOS app is out of the beta and on the App Store for anyone to download.
  • Browser Notifications Reminder. If you're wondering why you're not getting notifications, we now remind you to turn them on in your browsers so you can get the best from Bloo (and your team!).

February 2019

  • Realtime Keyword Filters. Now you can filters across all todos in a project by typing for the name, and we'll automatically hide all todos that don't match that search result.
  • Mac & Windows App. We've launched both the Mac and Windows applications. These can be installed via Google Chrome.
  • Realtime. Anytime you do something, such as posting a new comment, it is instantly updated across both the web and mobile applications.
  • Filter Completed Todos. When a project has been going on for a while, it can fill up with old completed todos that you don't really need to see all the time. Now you can filter them away to keep things focussed.

January 2019

  • Self Sign Up.  Now anyone with an email address can sign up to Bloo, from anywhere in the world.
  • Todo Filters & Sorting. When you've got a lot of todos in a project it can get difficult to find things. Now you can filter by whether a todo has been completed, due dates within a date range, and also who's been assigned to the todo. And if you need to sort you todos, you can also do so!

December 2018

  • Pretty URLs. Now all URLs are completely human readable and friendly to the eyes, which means that when you share a link with someone, they can instantly tell where that will lead.
  • Performance Improvements. We took some time away from building new stuff to ensure that Bloo stays as fast as ever.

November 2018

  • Automatic 30 Day Backups. We now backup all data everyday for 30 days, so you can sleep well at night knowing everything is as safe as it can be.
  • Notifications v1. Both browser and mobile notifications for a whole different bunch of actions, so you can stay on top of your work.

October 2018

  • Project and Global Activity. Each project now has a timeline of everything that has happened. Also, you can see a timeline of your entire company and see what's been going on across all your projects.
  • People Search. If a project has a large number of people, you'll now find that a handy real-time search bar appears to help you find who you're looking for in the People page :)

September 2018

  • Team Management. Add and remove people from projects, and give them different permissions to ensure everyone can see and do what they need to!
  • Multiple Companies. Now you can have the ability to switch between multiple companies, each with their own projects and people.

August 2018

  • @mentions. Need to give a teammate a heads up? Now you can by mentioning them in comments using @mentions! You'll automagically see a list of suggestions based on what you're typing and the people in the project.
  • File Uploads. We now support the uploading of files to any discussions/todo/comment. You get unlimited storage, with maximum file size of 100mb per file.

July 2018

  • Mobile App Beta. We've released the beta versions of both Android and iOS mobile apps for our users to try. Being able to work on-the-go is important, as it stops you having to be stuck in the office!
  • Boards. Now you can track todos list across a board and build your own processes to keep everything in check. This is hands-down the best way to ensure that work keeps flowing in the right direction.

June 2018

  • Infinite Scroll. Nobody likes trying to remember what page something is on. With infinite scroll, we keep loading all your information for you as your scroll down the page.
  • Status Updates. Keeping on top of what's going on is important. With status updates, you can see what others have been up to as well as post your own updates. Tell everyone how you're doing, and even backdate your updates for up to three days (as we know that people sometimes forget!).
  • Projects. Now you can create projects to keep things neat and tidy, and the cool thing is, each Bloo accounts comes with an unlimited amount of projects!
May 2018
  • Passwordless Sign In. We now support passwordless sign in for Bloo. This is the safest way to login to an application as it doesn't require you to remember anything.
  • Discussions. Now you can start and reply to discussions in Bloo. Communication is the most important aspect of teamwork, and now you can do it right inside Bloo.

April 2018

  • Start! We've started building Bloo. We're excited at the possibility of helping people change the way they work for the better.