Keeping you and your data safe is our priority. We know that putting all your data and business processes in Bloo requires a lot of trust. Find details below on the steps we take to earn that trust.

  • No Passwords. Bloo does not have passwords for login. We use a significantly better method which is an OTP (One Time Password) and magic link that is unique for each login.
  • Backups. We keep 30 day backups of all your files to ensure that we can always restore your files if something were to happen.
  • Encryption. All data is encrypted in transit to ensure that nobody can read your data while it is traveling from our servers to your browser or mobile application.
  • You're in Good Company. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) that are the industry-leading cloud hosting solution that powers some of the biggest websites on the planet such as Netflix, AirBnb, and Lyft.