The Best Trello Alternative.

Bloo vs Trello.

Sick and tired of Trello's cramped design, per user fees, and low storage? Welcome to Bloo.

Bloo is $50 for your team.

We charge one low flat monthly fee, regardless of how many team members, projects, or file storage you use.

Trello is $12.50/user.

Trello charges per-user fees, and these add up fast! For a team of 40, you're looking at $500/month!

5GB Max File Size.

Bloo offers unlimited file storage with a massive 5GB per file upload limit, this is great for videographers, architects, or anyone that works with large files.

250MB Max File Size.

The free version of Trello only allows uploads of 10MB per file, while the paid version allows 250MB per file. This isn't nearly enough for serious professionals.

More Than a Board.

Bloo gives you lots of different ways to see the same data. You can check out the project in board view, your project manager uses lists, and managers can use calendars.

Bored of Boards?

Trello started the boards, but they haven't moved on since then. Sure, you can pay for additional add-ons to try to extend Trello, but why pay more for what you can in Bloo?

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