Use case

Client Services.

Create superior customer service with Bloo. Client service firms that use Bloo have more visibility, faster response times, and less busywork.

Tried and Tested.

We run Bloo for our own multi-million client services company, so we know what it takes. Bloo is optimized to ensure that clients just "get it".

One Source of Truth.

By having everything in Bloo, you avoid having multiple places to store information and you'll instantly have one source of truth. All changes are fully logged, so you'll always know what happened when.

You're in Control.

Clients can only see things in the projects that you invite them, and cannot see other team members or clients that are in other projects. Each project is its own complete version of Bloo. Even go a step further and provide view-only or comment-only access.

Impress Your Clients.

Showcase your clear processes, provide them with mobile applications to track the work, and respond significantly faster than via email or traditional methods. They'll love you even more.

Less Reporting.

Because clients can see the real-time status of tasks, we've found that many client service companies drastically reduce or remove their reporting structure completely. Project managers spend more time working, and less time writing reports.