Document Storage.

Find everything you need, instantly. As time goes on, documents end up all over the place. Use Bloo to fight this trend and keep everything organized and at your fingertips.

Absolute Safety.

We're proud that we have never lost a single file for any customer. We know that placing your mission-critical documents on Bloo is a huge sign of trust, and that's why we run 30-day rolling backups to ensure again critical data loss.

Unlimited Storage.

Bloo doesn't restrict you by life type or amount of storage you use. Upload up to a massive 5GB per file without worrying about paying extra fees or running out of space.

View It Your Way.

File view supports both list and grid views, and you can preview documents right within Bloo, no need to download the entire thing!

Find Documents Instantly.

Use keyword filters to filter your entire document library in real-time as you time, and add tags and assignees to take your organization to the next level.


Only team members with access to your project can see your files, so you can rest assured that all your documents are private to within your project.