Keep track of whats coming in and out. Bloo gives you a straightforward and visual way to track your invoices.

Flexible Process.

Spin up a project for Account Receivables, and set up the board to match your internal processes. Each card represents an invoice, and remember to use tags to intelligently categorize income.

Unlimited Customization.

Use Custom Fields to add as many field types as you need to ensure all your information is in one place. Client name, currency and amount, email, phone numbers. You name it, we've got it.

Follow Up Magic.

Use due dates to be automatically reminded when an invoice is due, and you'll always remember to follow up with your clients. Use Automations to create a true "set and forget" process.

Find Invoices Instantly.

Use keyword filters to filter all your invoices in real-time as you time, and add tags and assignees to take your organization to the next level.


Only team members with access to your project can see your invoices, so you can rest assured that all your invoices are private to within your project.