Use case

Marketing Calendar.

Make your marketing team prolific with Bloo. By creating a clear marketing calendar across all marketing channels, you can ensure your team exceeds their goals.

One Channel. One Tag.

For each channel (think Facebook, LinkedIN, Newsletter) create one tag. This allows your and your team members to instantly filter what's important to you in a given timeframe.

Build a Common Process.

Use the Board to create process to capture ideas, ask questions, and move work forward including having internal reviews, scheduling out content, and sending it out to the world.

Checklists for Success.

Add checklists within Todos to ensure that you don't lose the details and that you've ticked everything off before going live with that big announcement.


Use Automations to set due dates for reviews, assign certain process steps to key individuals, and reduce your daily administration work. Work will start moving forwards, like magic.

Preview Artwork.

Never lose your focus. You can preview PDFs, images, gifs, and videos right within Bloo and leave comments within the todos for razor-sharp feedback.