Product Management.

We use Bloo to build Bloo. You can significantly improve your approach to product management and provide clarity to stakeholders.

Flexible Process.

Spin up a project for your product development, and then define the entire process as suits you best, from idea all the way to shipping it to end users.

Unlimited Customization.

Use Custom Fields to add as many field types as you need to ensure all your information is in one place. Add ratings, free text fields, min-max numbers, and multi and single select fields.


See precisely when something was assigned, who was working, and when something was marked as done.

Have clear context.

Keep all your files in the same place as your backlog, and easily reference designs, specifications, and more!


Only team members with access to your project can see your invoices, so you can rest assured that all your invoices are private to within your project.