Bloo vs Asana.

Bloo vs Asana.

It's time you stop the search! Bloo is the best Asana alternative available in the market.

Over 10% of our current customer base switched from Asana, and they find Bloo much more affordable and easier to use. It requires little to no onboarding and it saves them big costs as they scale.

Scale at no extra costs.

By switching to Bloo, you save $2000+ annually.

Asana Premium costs $10.95/person. If your team grows from 5 to 10 people, your costs automatically double on the software. Imagine having a team of 100+ 😰

There's no such thing as cost per head in Bloo; You pay a flat rate of 50$/month. That's it! Scale as you wish, create as many projects, add as many team members, your cost stays the same whether it's a 10-people team or 1000-people team.

Can you add clients in Asana?

The only accesses available in Asana are owners and team members. What if you need to add clients who shouldn't be having the same flexibility as team members? For agencies and companies who depend on great collaboration with clients, this access is really powerful. Bloo's got you covered! You can add people as 'Client' in your projects in Bloo, and that allows them to see a visible progress, give input, and see your updates real-time.

Working With Clients.
Impress your clients with visible progress boards, real-time status updates, and make them feel special by letting them be part of the process.

Can you manage files in Asana?

Asana allows you to integrate with another file management software like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. So you would have to pay for 2 softwares to manage everything at work. There's no such issue in Bloo. Your files are allowed to exist in one place without you having to pay for another tool or for more storage space. There's unlimited storage space!

Is it really that simple-to-use?


If your team members are tech-savvy's, then we suppose it should be relatively easy to use. For most teams, that's not the case. Adopting a tool as important as a teamwork software requires a type of simplicity and familiarity that your team could stick to on a daily basis. In Asana, navigations around todos to sub-todos, to projects and boards, cause so much friction that you could spend up to 5 minutes just finding your way around. In this case, it is challenging to onboard teams 'quickly'.

Bloo embraces simplicity in the heart of our development and design processes. When it comes to developing new features or improving current ones, making sure it is functional and super easy to use comes before beautiful designs. Customers who use Bloo report that the software requires them little to no onboarding at all for their team, as they can figure it out as they land on it.

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