Bloo vs Basecamp.

Bloo vs Basecamp.

Looking for the best Basecamp Alternative? Search no more, you've landed at the right place.

Over 10% of our current customer base switched from Basecamp, and they find Bloo much more flexible, affordable, and has the right features they need to work better in a team.

It's simply the best Basecamp alternative available in the market.

Pay 50% less, get better features.

Exactly as the headline says! You get access to all features in Bloo, with unlimited amount of projects, users, and unlimited file storage. While Basecamp Business charges $99/month, Bloo only charges 50$/Month, flat. 🤑

You save more than 700$ annually using Bloo, and you get better features, better performance, and user-centric updates.

Does Basecamp have a Kanban Boards View?

In Basecamp, all your tasks are layered in a list. If you're working on your own, viewing your tasks in a list works fine. But managing a team will need you to up your game. A mere to-do-list won't suffice the complexity of workflows, viewing real progress, and big picture planning.  

Kanban Boards in Bloo allows your team to see real work progress and manage team workflows better. And if you need a list view, you can always switch it. You’ll never find another tool this flexible to use.

Is there unlimited file storage in Basecamp?

Well, there is 500GB for Basecamp Business. But what if you work with 2GB file sizes? Your team would have to derive a solution for file storage space after 200 uploads or so. And for a business, that is just a start.

Bloo offers unlimited file storage. Your team will never have to worry about adopting another tool to handle files or face the dilemma of a pop-up "Storage Full" screen. Simple as that!

Can you request a new feature in Basecamp?

We guess you can, but Basecamp releases its new version every 2-3 years. So if your work can accommodate this timeline, then we suppose it's good for you.

But for Bloo, your needs are our priorities. Our team takes your feedback every 3 months and we release new features every 2 months or so. If there is a feature you need for you and your team to work better, our team is ready to add that into our development quarterly planning. We take this seriously, and we're not joking!

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