Bloo vs ClickUp.

Bloo vs ClickUp.

Looking for a ClickUp alternative? You're at the right place!

Customers who switch to Bloo report better teamwork and client collaboration, not to mention how affordable and easy to use it is compared to ClickUp.

Bloo is simply the best ClickUp alternative available!

Pay a flat rate and get everything.

ClickUp plan starts at $19/user per month, and that is limited to only 10 guests for the entire company. There's not even an option to add more guests 😰 If your team grows from 10 to 30 people in a year, your costs automatically triple. And we're talking about $4560 per year...

And even more pressing question is: Why do you have to pay more to view your own data? ClickUp Standard Plan gives you access only to activities that happen within 7 days. Bloo allows you access for all times. After all, it's your company data.

With Bloo, you save more as your team grows. You pay a flat rate of $50/month, and you don't pay more when you create more projects, add more members, or need more file storage space. Because it's unlimited!

Is work in ClickUp really 'one place' or just all over the place?

Sometimes when you try to do everything, you lose the ability to do great at a few. ClickUp claims to replace all other apps and they do have all the features, but instead of it bringing clarity and focus to workflow, everything in ClickUp screams chaos and overwhelm. They allow integrations with everything, including emails and docs. How is there ever a space to do the actual work when emails and real-time chats are lurking over you... everywhere?

Bloo gives you a fully functional and user-friendly Kanban Boards, Calendar, and To-do List View, with exceptional to-do features, all the basics needed to stay organized and keep track of work progress. All comments, files, and discussions have its own place that's super easy to find, and everything is unlimited within only one price plan. No upgrades, no nudges to pay more.

With Bloo, you'll always find all important things in one place.

Can you update your progress in ClickUp?

Well, we suppose you can update the priority status as "Done" or "Working On It", but if you have more 1000 to-dos, would your team have to go through each one to see the progress? We don't believe that's enough to replace update meetings that are both boring and time-consuming.

Bloo built a Status Update feature right into the software. It's as easy as posting your Facebook status but not as distracting. You are allowed to express your emotions at the time you update, write what you're working on, and see what others are up to. This keeps your team updated without having daily update meetings.

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