Bloo vs Monday.

Bloo vs Monday.

Looking for a Monday alternative? Search no more! Bloo is the best Monday alternative you'll ever find.

Over 10% of our current customer base switched from Monday, and they find Bloo much more affordable and easier to use. It requires little to no onboarding and it saves them big costs as they scale.

Bloo's pricing doesn't skyrocket with more users.

There's simply no reason to pay an extra $7000 annually when you can save that much by switching to Bloo. pricing starts from $79/month for 5 users and goes up to about $700/month for 40 users, and it goes up to the sky if you're a larger team. You'll continually pay much more as you grow, and if you ask anyone, they'll tell you that's not a sustainable way to grow.

With Bloo, you only pay a flat rate of $50/month using Bloo, and you get exactly the same, if not better features that are more suited to your needs in managing a team, whether remote or together.

Can you add clients in Monday?

You can only add people as members or view only in Monday. It is quite limiting, don't you think? If you are working with clients and you need to add them in the project, it is impossible in Monday. You can only allow them as minimal of an access as to view, or give them a full access as a team member. Both are at the extremes of black and white, but sometimes you need a grey, like an access for clients to be able to comment and collaborate, but not to make certain changes to the project like a team member can.

Good news is you can add people as clients in Bloo, and not only can you collaborate better, you can expect to dazzle your clients with a clean progress view, status updates, and features that make them feel part of the project.

Can you really collaborate in Monday?

Seeing a big picture progress is almost impossible in Monday. Todo card and its comments are separated, so communications are often scattered at the back of the task. For teams to see a record of everything in the todo, they'd have to go through a few clicks and often end up being lost from the main tasks.

Does it really keep communications in one place? Doesn't seem so. It is definitely hard to have everything in one place.

Bloo's todo card gives you a full picture view of everything that happens for that task specifically. You don't have to do multiple clicks to find comments, descriptions, or a record of all that happens. It is simply easy to manage, and lets your team meticulously get things done.  

Is it easy to learn?

One thing for sure is that Monday is a big of a learning curve. If you need to onboard your team to get started 'quick', it is not an option. The way features work and navigations around the tool require time and work put into onboarding your team and making their habit stick. It is not intuitive and obviously not easy to learn.

Bloo is built for simplicity, so you can rest assured that learning curve and onboarding will never be an issue. We built Bloo because we realized that many project management tools we used before required heavy training that wasted a lot of time, and our energy was already depleted from just learning how to use it. So we vowed that for Bloo, simplicity is always at the core of the product.

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