Bloo vs Trello.

Bloo vs Trello.

Looking for the best Trello Alternative? It's time you stop the search. 🧐

Over 20% of our customer base are ex-Trello users, and for good reasons too! We've studied Trello in-depth and made sure that Bloo is better in every way.

Bloo is faster, more affordable, has no limits and gives you significantly more flexibility than Trello. It's simply the best Trello alternative available in the market.

Save Big with Bloo.

Exactly as the headline says! Create as many projects and add in as many users, the fee you pay stays the same. A Flat Rate of 50$/Month. 🤑

With Trello, it starts at $12.50/month/user for the business version, and keep going up and up from there.  😭

You get a cleaner Kanban Boards View.

A clean workspace equals better moods and productivity. Bloo embraces simplicity and cleanliness when it comes to interface design. You’ll never find another tool this simple to use.

Unlimited File Uploads.

The free version of Trello only allows uploads of 10mb per file, while the paid version allows 250mb per file. 😳

Bloo blows this completely away by offering 20x the max file limit, which means you can upload files up to 5gb in size in Bloo!😎

Can you update your progress in Trello without having meetings?

Well, you can in Bloo. We have built in an Update feature where your team can update their progress and keep everyone in the loop, without having unnecessary meetings.

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