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Project Management.

All growing businesses run into the usual problems. Long email threads, lots of group chats, and files everywhere. Bloo solves just these problems, and gives you one place for everything.

“Bloo impressed us from the start and has become our go to tool for project management, internal communication and lead capture. It has replaced a combination of other, more expensive, tools we used previously. With its user friendly interface, ever expanding set of features and great price point  it was a no-brainer for us. A must have!

Louis du Pisani — Founder, Kreatif Kouki

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Simple, Yet Powerful Tools.


Each project is like a mini version of Bloo, and is a private place for teams to do the work that matters.


If it’s written down, it gets done. Use tasks to finally take control of the your to-dos lists, and assign responsibilities and timelines to others as you need.


Business processes doesn't have to be boring. Boards blend simplicity into your processes, and they keep work moving forwards.


Good ideas need space. Discussions is your place to write, read, brainstorm, and discuss. It’s where ideas grow.


Letting your team members know what you’ve been up to helps to cut down meetings and makes sure that everybody is on track.

My Todos

See all your responsibilities across all your projects, and make sure that you stay on track.

Company Dashboard

See all your projects in an easy-to-use dashboard. Manage dozens of projects without breaking a sweat.

Multi-Company Support

Running more than one team or company? Bloo supports seamless switching across teams and companies.

Super Smart Search

Real Time type-as-you-search technology ensures that you can find anything you need.

Unlimited File uploads
Photo Galleries
Sane notifications
Improvements every month
Mobile Apps
Add your company logo
Fast & friendly email support
Realtime Updates
Windows & Mac App Available
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