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For small organizations

Bloo is specifically designed for small businesses and teams that just need get things done.

Only $50/month

Forget about per-user fees or locked features. Bloo is one flat price for your entire organization.

Delightfully simple

Bloo is beautiful and easy-to-use. You can get up and running in minutes, not days or weeks.

Your team without Bloo.

Your team with Bloo.

Work Better, Together.

From the small stuff to the big picture, Bloo organizes work so teams are clear on what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.


Why Bloo?

Bloo takes the headache out of managing work. Whether you're launching a website, running sales, or hiring people — you can do it faster and better with Bloo as your one source of truth.

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No training required.

You have more important things to do than train your team on yet another new system. With Bloo, your team, contractors, and clients can use the platform— without any help.

  • Everyone just "gets it"
  • Clear documentation & videos
  • Live chat and email support

All-in-one platform.

We get it — everyone hates using lots of different tools to get the job done. With Bloo, you get one place for all your todos, files, discussions, and calendars.

  • Create projects for everything.
  • Todos keep work moving forwards.
  • 100% Audit Trail

Everything you need, without the complexity.


Create unlimited projects to  separate your work and keeps things private.


Use the board view to create simple and efficient processes in your team.


Each project has a calendar, and we have cross-project calendars for planning.

Activity Feed

Know what's happening, with a live activity feed that shows you everything.


Ping a colleague by mentioning them in any comment.

Smart Notifications

Choose how, when, and where we notify you. You're in control at all times.

Import & Export

Get data in (or out) in minutes with our CSV import and export.

Dark Mode

Working late? No problem, reduce glare and eye strain with dark mode.


Upload an unlimited amount of files to any projects.

Custom Fields

Build your own data structure with over 15 different types of custom fields.


Automate common workflow actions that happen again and again.


Have form data jump directly into Bloo! Great for field work, tickets, and sales.


Filter and sort lists to get the precise data set you're looking for, every time.


Add geo-location data and visualize your items on an interactive map.


Make all of your data searchable in seconds, and always find what you need.

Work less.

Doing admin and busy-work sucks. That's why Bloo offers forms, import/exports, automations, and notifications to keep everything humming away on autopilot.

  • Automation remove manual work.
  • Use forms to get data in.
  • Get notified when things happen.

Work anywhere.

Bloo is available anywhere you want to work. It doesn't matter what platform you like to use — we have an app for that.

  • Web based app.
  • Mac & Windows Apps.
  • iOS & Android Apps.

What our customers say.

"We already started to onboard clients to Bloo and haven't even had to show them how to use the app.
It's so simple and understandable — I cannot recommend it enough!"


"Thank you for this beautiful piece of software! Such a rare find & gem — and so aesthetically pleasing to sit in front of for a long time."


"It's simplicity makes it my choice for project management software. Other PM is too complicated, which makes it really difficult for our clients to use."


"I switched from Trello to Bloo and never looked back. Bloo has a much better design and the cost does not scale up when you add more users."


"Bloo has changed the  the way I work with my clients.
It speeds up my project workflows, and it is one of the best software purchases I have ever made."


"Wow! So lets just say that after 30 year in project management, software development, Bloo is blowing me away. Its user interface is fantastic and simple to use and understand."


"Bloo is soo simple and easy to use, everything is straightforward and up to point. You can get up and running immediately after the on-boarding, no tutorial or guides are needed!"


"Finally, a project management system that I can actually use!"


"Bloo has all the features that you would ever need in an easy-to-use format. The support is super prompt and the future is bright"


"Bloo exceed our expectations to the point where our organization migrated from Click up to use Bloo after doing the free trial and it was the best decision we ever made! "


"I can't even find the words for how much I love Bloo. I tried so many apps, searching for the perfect one but Bloo is the only one that could do everything I needed WITHOUT confusing the heck out of my clients.


"Bloo is the result you'd get if Marie Condo fixed PM tools. Bloo has solved a need I had for a tool I could use with staff ranging in ages from 18 to 75!"


Average rating of 5/5 on AlternativeTo