Teamwork, Made Simple.

When your team needs to kick off a project, hire someone new, review a contract,  finalize a budget, measure performance, plan your next office party, Bloo is where they do it.

Why Bloo?

Easy to Use.

Anyone can use Bloo without any training or reading instructions!

It's Powerful!

Bloo can power your entire business without breaking a sweat.

In The Cloud.

Always online, 24/7/365. Use from any computer or smartphone

Keeping a growing team organized is difficult. You have to track communication, files, responsibilities, timelines, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Group chat doesn't work for doing anything more than organizing drinks with friends, and the "professional" tools are too complex (and boring!), which means the team doesn't actually use them.

Bloo solves just this problem. It's a teamwork software that's both powerful and super-simple to use, which means your team will love it and use it, and it will actually add value to your company.

How it Works.

Bloo gives you all the tools that teams need to get their work done in one place. This means that there is only one place to check for the latest files, messages, and any thing they need to know about. It helps everyone stay more organized and efficient, so miscommunication and late nights at the office are a things of the past.


Replaces email.

Good ideas need space. Discussions is your place to write, read, brainstorm, and discuss. It’s where ideas grow.


Replaces Sticky Notes and your memory!

If it’s written down, it gets done. Use tasks to finally take control of the your to-dos lists, and assign responsibilities and timelines to others as you need.


Replaces general chaos!

Business processes doesn't have to be boring. Boards blend simplicity into your processes, and they keep work moving forwards.


Replaces boring and expensive status meetings.

Letting your team members know what you’ve been up to helps to cut down meetings and makes sure that everybody is on track.


Replaces Folders.

This is the best way to organize your work in one place, and move things forwards. Group together people, discussions, and tasks to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Company Home.

Replaces your physical notice board.

Every team needs a home, and this is it. Use it to manage the work behind the work.

Bloo, everywhere you are.

Use Bloo on desktop, and take it on the go with our iOS and Android applications.

Everything else.

• Pick and choose the features you need for each project.
• Add your company logo and make Bloo yours.
• @ team members if you need to notify them about anything and everything.
• Super smart search that finds exactly what you're looking for.
• Notifications for real human beings, that can turned off outside of working hours.

• A super simple interface that you don't have to teach to anybody.
• Multiple languages available so your team can work in their native language.
• World-class support team ready to answer any questions you might have.
• Everything is backed up and kept safe so you can sleep at night.
• It keeps getting better! Improvements are released every week.

$50/month. That's it.

(Or $500/year, and you get two months free and save $100.)

Cheaper than a coffee a day, Bloo is the best investment you can make in running your team or business. No extra per-person charges or hidden fees, and no features that you only get if you pay more.

Everything is included.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We get it, you might have some questions. We've got a list here of the ones we get asked often, but feel free to email us at if you want to ask anything else, we'll get back to you right away.

Also, feel free to just try Bloo out, it's free for 30 days, no credit card required!

How can I pay?

Are my card details secure?

Can I cancel at any time?

$50/month. Are you for real? That's too cheap!

Do I have to pay more as I add more people or make more projects?

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