Work Better, Together.

All growing businesses run into the usual problems. Long email threads, lots of group chats, and files everywhere. Bloo is an online project management platform that solves just these problems, and gives you one place for everything.

Before Bloo: You and your team are stressed, project timelines are not clear, and there is no "one place" where you can find all the information you need.

After Bloo: You and your team are confident, you know exactly the real-time status of all your projects, and everyone knows who is doing what, and by when! When you need some work info, you know it's in Bloo.

“Bloo impressed us from the start and has become our go to tool for project management, internal communication and lead capture. It has replaced a combination of other, more expensive, tools we used previously. With its user friendly interface, ever expanding set of features and great price point  it was a no-brainer for us. A must have!"
Louis du Pisani — Founder, Kreatif Kouki

One Place for Everything.

Companies Work Better With Bloo.

Companies all over the world use Bloo – marketing agencies, schools, NGOs, software development consultancies, design studios, freelancers, even some banks!

They've switched to Bloo to change the way they work for the better: less chaos and noise, more clarity and transparency.

“All our retail locations use Bloo to keep track of customer enquiries, and this gives the head office real-time insights. We also use Bloo to manage our marketing calendar and work with third parties such as designers and constructors, which means we have a clear record of what's happened."
Gabriele Faja-Holmes — CEO, Soundskool Music

“Bloo has been key to helping us grow quickly in a short space of time. Being able to have everything in one place, from sales, recruitment, and operations gives us the real time information we need."
Frazer McRobert — Head of Communications, Mäd Creative

Problems Solved By Bloo.

  • You no longer have to use separate apps. Add Boards, Calendar, lists, todos, tags, assignees, start and due dates, reminders, and files all in the same place
  • You know what everyone is working on. View other people's profiles to see what they are currently working on – without disturbing them!
  • Everyone knows what to do next. Everyone can view both project and individual calendars to see what's coming next, without boring status update meetings.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration. Create cross-functional projects where multiple departments can collaborate to get things done.
  • See The Big Picture. Zoom out and use cross-project calendars to see how all your work comes together.

“In the past, we were struggling with managing projects which  involved  third party vendors and suppliers because our existing tools were complicated to set up and operate.  Since we started using Bloo, it is much easier to manage these projects.The multi-language feature, which has Vietnamese, is a BIG plus."
Dong Truong — Head of IT, Nam Kim Joint Stock Company

Use Bloo For Anything.

Sales CRM.
Our customers track over $100m in annual sales via Bloo and use our platform to build a reliable sales pipeline, stay organized, collaborate and move deals forwards.
Get the best people on board – if done right, hiring can make running a growing business easy. Bloo understands what a great deal it is to find the best team, so our tool is aimed at ensuring quality recruitment standards and being as human as we should be when it comes to hiring.
Project Management.
Project leaders use Bloo to develop processes, improve planning and risk assessment, while maintaining the mental space to help teams stay collaborative in an agile world.
Remote Work.
Whether you’re working from home or anywhere across the globe, Bloo gives you and your team a tool to keep each other in the loop and get things done.
Working With Clients.
Impress your clients with visible progress boards, real-time status updates, and make them feel special by letting them be part of the process.

Use Bloo Everywhere.

We have native iOS and Android applications available so you don't have to be stuck at the office to keep up with your work.