Organize and gather data efficiently, however you want.

Simply Drag & Drop.

Getting faster responses with forms has never been easier. Select your desired fields from the side panel, and simply drag and drop them to build your custom form. It’s that simple!

Make It Your Way.

Give your form a name or a question, to showcase its purpose. Every field label or placeholder can be renamed as desired, and you can even change the page background and button color to match your desired brand palette!

Flexible Fields.

Add as many custom fields as you like: From choosing a star rating, to asking for a URL or email address, to even asking for displayable locations! 

Assign To Members.

Create accountability for your team members to work or monitor the responses. Every submission through forms will go straight to their Todos.

Let The Bots Do It!

Automate your workflow by letting our bot do the tasks. For instance, when a todo is created automatically add a custom ‘feedback’ tag so that all form responses will be easily categorized for filtering purposes.

Share Publicly.

Copy the direct link on your forms and share with anyone you want! Whoever has access to your link can submit information into your form, allowing you to use them to solve a variety of tasks or problems. Looking to collect feedback? Take lunch orders? Gather marketing information? Forms can help!

Record The Responses.

All submissions are collected as new entries on your kanban board. You can then maintain this workflow as normal, by allowing various levels of access, assigning responses as actionable tasks to any team member, and adding additional tags to easily categorize responses. This will allow you and your team members to collaborate on form responses with ease, the Bloo way!