Todos are at the core of our software. Bloo's todo gives you space to note necessary details, keep record of all that happens, and platform to collaborate.

What Todo Does.

  • Fulfilling the basics excellently: due dates, description, assignees, and tags.
  • Keeps a record of all activities within a todo in one place.
  • Makes simple for teams to collaborate with @mention and emojis.
Todo Card in Bloo.

Bloo's Todos in a nutshell.

Bloo's todo is packaged with crucial functions that help you get a job well done.

Todo Basics.

The basics are all there. They establish accountability within teams while keeping tasks organized at the same time. You can set start and end dates, write todo description, and add assignee(s) and tag(s) to the todo.

On the left side, Todo basic details like title, due date, assignee, and tags, and on the right side is a record of all changes made in a todo.
Tags serve a special purpose in Bloo's todo. They often help categorise different types of products/services in sales CRM or distinguish between different job functions in a project. Read a detailed guide.

Collaborate in one place.

Your team can add comments and @mention one another in that same todo, with a wide range of emojis available for you to express your feelings with.

Comments inside Todo.
When you @mention a team member in Bloo, they will receive a notification/message, and it keeps them informed of what you've got to say. Read a detailed guide.

Sub-todos or Checklists.

If the todo comes with several sub-todos to be completed, and Bloo includes checklist in every todo, you know you're in good company! Bloo's checklists go as far as setting due date and assignee to every checklist item, making it super convenient to be detail-oriented and get things done.

Checklist inside todo with assignee and due date to every item.

Customize todo's fields.

You can customize your todo fields to support details like mobile number, currency, unique ID, etcs. Find out about Custom Fields in detail.

Custom Fields.
Custom Fields allow you to tailor Bloo’s todos to your needs. It gives you the flexibility to customize your todo fields to support mini details like phone numbers or emails. What Custom Fields Do. * Gives you more flexibility in managing your workflow. * Allows you to customize todo fields to i…

Tips & Tricks.

Todo history. Every changes made to a todo will be recorded real-time in the history on right side.

Todo history in action.
If you need an in-depth guide on Todo, check out the Bloo Guide we prepared to help make self-onboarding as simple as you'd imagine. 📘
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