This is what we are currently working on. If you have feature suggestions, please submit it here.

Usability Improvements.

  • Safer Project Deletion. We're improving the project deletion workflow to include an additional step for safety — so you'll never delete an entire project by accident.
  • Korean & Russian Translation. Another couple of languages coming to Bloo as we grow across the world. If you want another language, email us at
  • New Email System. We're switching our onboarding and notification email system to increase reliability and ensure we have even higher deliverability rates.
  • Checklist Notifications. Right now, checklist do not trigger notifications. We're changing that.
  • Internal Dashboard Improvements. We're empowering of customer success team members with more powerful dashboards and actions to support ever-increasing user numbers. This means a faster turnaround improvement for your support tickets.
  • Remove Branding from Forms loading. Based on user feedback we are removing the Bloo branding from the loading state of the public forms,
  • Copy Todo URL. A quick and easy way to copy the URL of a todo when you're using our web app.

Public Boards.

This feature will allow project administrators to create a public link for each project. This will allow non-logged in users to see the project board and to click into individual todos and see the details. They will only be able to view the data on board, not make any edits or leave comments — much in the same way that the view-only user access role works today.

If time permits, we will also allow project administrators to only set certain tags to be viewable on the public links, which will allow for some very interesting and useful use-cases for this feature.

Repeating Todos.

Project team member will be able to set an individual todo to repeat based on a particular schedule such as every day, once a week, every second Thursday of the month, and so on. A new todo with the same name and details (but not comments) will be created on that schedule.

If time permits, we will also enable some more advanced features such as choosing the end-date or number of repetitions.

You'll also be able to manage all your repeating todos within the automations section of your project.

Calendar Sync.

We will enable a real-time one-way sync from Bloo to the three most popular calendar tools: gCal, iCal, and Outlook. This will allow you to automatically have any todos that have a due date show up in your calendar from one of three places: 

1. Company calendar (so all todos across your entire company that have due dates!)
2. Individual Project calendars
3. My Todos (so only todos that are assigned to you and have a due date).

Note that events in your personal calendar will not be added to Bloo.

Custom Field Filters.

We know that filtering on the various views that we offer is really powerful, and we are extending this to include the ability to filter by any of the custom fields that you have created in your project. You'll be able to filter by that have or don't have data (i.e. filter by all customers that do not have a phone number) as well as by a specific value (i.e. you can filter all your customers by a specific phone number or country code).

Database View.

We will be extending the list view to show custom fields, and also have the ability to rearrange the columns as well as sort by custom fields. In addition, all todo data will be editable directly on the database/list view instead of having to open the individual todo to make edits — a real time saver!