Our Roadmap.

This is what our team is actively working on, and what we expect to launch in the next 90 days. Bloo is always improving!

Android Application

A fully native Android application that lets you work on the go with push notifications, and the ability to view, create, and reply to todos, discussions, and updates.


Being able to view todos in a calendar format brings about lots of advantages, and it is perfect for things like editorial calendars, social media posting schedules, and more!

File Management

You'll be able to see all files uploaded in your project, and also store files separately from tasks and comments, as well as download all project files in one click!

Improved Search

We are rolling out improvements to search, including the ability to search within all comments and a new UI that makes it even easier to find what you're looking for!

Material Design 2

We're upgrading our entire interface to be in-line with the latest Material Design standards, and you will also see a large performance increase so that Bloo will feel even snappier.

Archive Projects

Once you've completed a project, you'll be able to Archive it and hide it from your project list, so it doesn't get in the way of your active projects, and so it should help you stay focussed.

Copy & Move Todos Across Projects

Sometimes it is useful to move todos across to a new project, and this is exactly what you'll be able to do! :)

Discussion List Improvements

We are making improvements to our discussion list interface to make it easier to browse a large number of discussions.

Ability to Leave a Project

Right now you can be removed by the project administrator, but there is no way to leave a project by yourself. Soon, you'll be able to leave any project without asking anyone to do it for you.

Todo History

It's key to be able to see the full history of each todo, from when it was created, to which column it was moved to, to any name changes, due date changes, and more.

Labels for Todos

If you track related but separate groups of tasks in one project, you'll now be able to color-code them and also filter them out to get a clearer overall picture.

View Only & Comment Only Access

Sometimes, you need to people involved in a project but you do not need them to have a level of access where they can create or move todos around. Soon you'll be able to add people who can just view or just comments in the project.

Project Templates

We will be launching several project templates such as recruitment, CRM, social media marketing, based on best-practices, and these will be available for you and your team to use each time you start a new project.

Start & End Date for Todos

We get it, todos don't just have a due date, they also have start date! Also, this sets us up nicely in the future for having the ability to view your todos in a timeline or Gantt chart...