Our Roadmap.

This is what our team is actively working on and will launch soon.
Bloo is always improving!

Updates V2

Giving our updates more power. You'll be able to ask for recurring updates from certain team members at regular intervals (i.e. Ask Kit to update the team on the status of the TPS Reports every Tuesday at 9am)

Todo Dependencies

Often, todos are related to each other, and something can't start before something else is finished. You'll be able to define the relationships between todos to make sure that you understand the critical path forward.

Custom Fields

You'll be able to define custom fields to your todos, such as $ amount for your CRM project or job type for your recruitment projects, and then even filters the board according to your custom fields. This will make Bloo 10x more flexible for future requirements.


If you ever find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, automation will cut down the time you spend on repetitive tasks. Create custom rulesets such as automatically settings tags, start and due dates, and assignees based on changes to todos.

Archive Todos

You may have 10 or 100 completed todos, and as satisfying as it is to see how much you've accomplished, keeping completed todos on Boards can make your workspace look less neat and clean. We are working to provide an option for you to archive todos so you can sharpen your focus on what matters in the moment.

Folders for File Management

Keeping files organized in one place is really important to us, so in the next update, you can categorize files into folders and subfolders, and when needed, sending folder links for view to coworkers.

@mentions Page

Often times, you may miss a few mentions because of the long list of activities at work everyday. We're planning to create a separate page for @mention so you won't miss your teammates mentioning you in any comments or todos and it gives one place for all mentions.

List view of Todos

Everyone has different methods to structure their work and we want to make sure Bloo serves all types of methods. If you're someone who likes to view todos in Lists, then the next update will be very convenient for you!

Public Links for Boards

Before you would have to add team members as Client or Member for them to preview todos on your Boards.  In the future, anyone can view your Boards from public links you generate, so you won't have to flood them with todos and projects by adding them in.

Fullscreen Mode for Boards

Too many items on Boards can get overwhelming, especially when you try to focus on a todo. So in the next update, we want to make sure you have an option of turning your Boards into Fullscreen to stay focused.

View Team Members' Todos

When you're a project manager or team leader, it's important to know what everyone's up to so you can track progress of the project. Our next update will allow you to view all team members' todos across projects.

Archive Projects

Once you've completed a project, you'll be able to Archive it and hide it from your project list, so it doesn't get in the way of your active projects, and so it should help you stay focussed.

View Only & Comment Only Access

Sometimes, you need to people involved in a project but you do not need them to have a level of access where they can create or move todos around. Soon you'll be able to add people who can just view or just comments in the project.

Project Templates

We will be launching several project templates such as recruitment, CRM, social media marketing, based on best-practices, and these will be available for you and your team to use each time you start a new project.

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