This is what we are currently working on. If you have feature suggestions, please join our community.

Usability Improvements.

  • Copy Forms. Right now, forms cannot be copied within or between projects. We're working on making this possible, including enabling forms within templates.
  • Internal Dashboard Improvements. We're empowering of customer success team members with more powerful dashboards and actions to support ever-increasing user numbers. This means a faster turnaround improvement for your support tickets.
  • Preview Audio. A quick and easy way to copy the URL of a todo when you're using our web app.
  • New Discussion UX/UI. We're taking some inspiration from Outlook (yes, really) and redesigning our discussions interface.

Gantt Charts.

Yes, it's coming...

File Folders.

Right now, our files tab shows all the files that have been uploaded to the project.

File Sharing.

This is going to be a quick and easy way to share individual files hosted in Bloo with people outside of Bloo. You'll be able to right click on any file, create a shareable link, and we will automatically copy the link to your clipboard, where you can then share that with anyone you like. If you want to stop sharing the file at any time, you can turn file sharing off again.

Project Trash.

Sometimes, things get deleted that shouldn't be deleted. Project trash will allow project administrators to restore delete files and todos in projects.

Improved Person Page.

When you click on someone's name, you'll be presented with an improved profile page that shows not only the activity history of the person, but also what todos are currently assigned to them in projects that you both share.