We publish our roadmap every quarter so we can show you what we're working on to make Bloo better and better.

  • Import/Export Todos. You'll be able to import and export all your todos as flexible CSV files, including all the custom fields that are enabled in your project!
  • Map View. We already have board, list, and calendar views, and we will be adding the ability to view all your todos in a map. This is perfect to see a list of customer delivery address, store locations, and more.
  • Web Forms. Sometimes you need people to submit data into Bloo without being part of a project, and Web Forms is just that! Stand alone forms that anyone can fill in and submit to create a todo in your projects.
  • API. Once our API is out, you'll be able to connect Bloo to thousands of other applications.
  • Timeline (Gantt Charts) – Timelines are key to projects, and we're working on giving a super-easy to use timeline functionality that shows you exactly how things click together.
  • Archive Todo – You may have 10 or 100 completed todos, and as satisfying as it is to see how much you've accomplished, keeping completed todos on Boards can make your workspace look less neat and clean. We are working to provide an option for you to archive todos so you can sharpen your focus on what matters in the moment.
  • Add Times to Due Date –  Sometimes you need to be really specific about when a todo is due, like right down to the hour and minute. We've got you covered!
  • Delete Company. Sometimes you've got to permanently delete a company and all the data. Right now you've got to reach out to us for this, but soon enough company owners will be able to do that by themselves.
  • Group By – The ability to group todos by other things than lists such as assignee, due dates, and tags.
  • More Custom Fields. We will be expanding custom fields and adding additional fields like date, geo-location, countries, and more.
  • Discussions V2. We'll be updating discussions with a new dual-panel layout (hello, Outlook! 😅) and a few additional cool things!